A long, long time ago, when Oldest was a tiny tot and no one else was born yet. The three of us lived in an apartment in the city.
I don't know how it came to pass - I don't think there was any kind of drawn-out or heartfelt conversation, but my brother B came to live with us for a while.
He had been living with my parents, and could only have been a teenager himself, but their house was too far from any kind of work he wanted to do. So he came. We made him pay some form of rent - I'm sure we felt we were teaching him to be responsible but, looking back, I'm thinking we needed the five or ten dollars a night. I don't remember what we charged him. I think he had fun, in those days. I know I considered it invaluable for Oldest to have his uncle around. I also know that I was kind of lonely. I didn't work and K often worked 20 hours at a clip. I was thrilled at having B with us and may well have suggested he move in before he even thought of it himself.
Dear Uncle B ended up working those hours too as he and K ended up on shoots together.
I was just remembering August in 1987.
We were incredibly young. We had the energy of young people.
K could work 22 hours and sleep it off - and then feel exhilarated.
It was hot. It was humid.
K and B would return from work triumphant, with war stories about purloined props and misspent money.
They'd be filthy, they'd smell bad. They'd need a beer. They'd be confident.
They would grab a container of Stridex pads and wipe their faces down. AND THEN? They have a little competition to see whose was dirtier.

Middle just walked in from work.
He's sweaty and filthy and exhilarated.
It all just rushed back to me.
And Dear Uncle B?
He's going to hold down the fort while K and I are in Italy next month.
(I'm hoping the four of them have a Stridex contest.)


Karen Dietrich said…
I love it when memories come rushing back like that, those glimpses of past lives.
Scot said…
Uncle Scot says - that's the coolest story. With 10 neices/nephews, I love memories like that.
Amy A. said…
That is a precious memory.
might I add...? said…
That was such a sweet read.

I love coming here, never quite knowing what I'll find, and being so pleasantly surprised. I read the title in my RSS feed and thought "Stridex, Stridex... that sounds familiar. What is it? Why do I know this word? Like spandex?" I really couldn't remember. And I had no idea where you were going. Oh, yeah, THAT Stridex.

Thank you, bb, for painting such a picture of the past, just a little glimpse, but such sweet details.
Anonymous said…
Of course I had to Google that. No idea at all.

That all sounds like cool times.

Mary said…
A lovely memory dear blackbird - of long ago youthful times and hard work and sharing...

Every time you mention Italy I get a shock of joy for you!
RW said…
I cannot believe how incredibly excited I am about your Italy trip!

I think it is slightly irrational.

These are good memories.
Badger said…
I am every bit as excited that B is staying with the boys while you go to Italy as I am that you're going to Italy. Good times, all around.
Anonymous said…
Love it.

Your guys and B are going to have a very good time together.

alice c said…
Such a clear vision of you all - so young and happy. That is what it is to be newly married. Oh yes.