a short update whilst I take some aspirin

Let's just say: I'm a little worse for wear this morning.
We all went to to two hot parties last night.
One was all chocolatey, with fountains and tiaras - the other dark with dancing and glow-sticks.
Let's just say: we pretty much closed the dancing party. Poppy and me. Cutting the rug.
If my eyes weren't throbbing right now I'd try to figure out how to post the music.
It was You Should Be Dancing.


(shortly after we finished our dancefloor-clearing solo, we were informed we had been twitpiced...would pay money to see it - can't find it)


Anonymous said…
Lover Lady said…
I MUST come to blogher next year!
Anonymous said…
Excedrin...and some bubbly water. You'll be better in no time.

Paula said…
So have you put a hit out on the twitpic-er yet?
Kristin said…
I have pictures but they won't be twitpiced or posted. Let me know if you want them emailed to you.

It was great meeting you on Friday night. You and Poppy cracked me up.