no day at the beach

Do people actually say that?
It was no day at the beach, I'll tell ya.
I got to the beach, alone with Youngest, and it was 60 degrees. The water temperature was a mean 55. I'm pretty sure people can get hypothermia in 55 degree water. Also? The lifeguards were on their feet, rather than in their chairs as the ocean was so rough.
Have I mentioned the wind?
My ears are sore from being wind-bitten.
Youngest is sore too - the ocean kicked the crappe out of him.

I'd like, if I may (and I may because I am in charge over here) to speak to kmkat, who said:

I am so pleased that you considered your beach neighbor matriarch gorgeous and handsome, because to my eye she appears to be a Woman of Substance (as opposed to an anorexic b!tch). I happen to be a WoS myself, and it does my heart good to know that that fact does not necessarily preclude one from being considered gorgeous and handsome.

and say: km, in my world, gorgeous and handsome has many shapes and sizes. In fact, some of the most gorgeous women I know and admire are Women of Substance. To me, gorgeous is a measure of looking just right in your skin and clothes - and The Matriarch looked just about perfect, as did her clan.
So, before we admonish me for posting photos of pictures of people on the beach (and, it's true, it was without their permission - an action I have second guessed many many times) let us please be aware that I posted pictures of people I admired...which does not excuse me for invading their privacy.
Don't think I haven't thought about it.

Today's been no day at the beach.