my favorite can answer

My granny used to do this when we went to the beach with dinner or when she had a church supper. She would use them to keep dishes warm in a basket or a works the opposite.

Mulberry Girls?
Please email me your address and I'll send you a prize!



Karen Dietrich said…
Love the mystery of the cans. And thanks for sharing the lovely vacation pics. We arrived home from ours last week, but my brain just returned today :)
Mulberry Market said…
Blackbird I am so excited!! We are counting the days till we leave for the cape...our town is Orleans and we have a lovely house we rent on the water... but wellfleet is darling too. I remember being there for a town dance on the wharf. We also always visit the left bank gallery..found many a treasure. My real e-mail address is sln2r. I will send my address to you. Mulberry Girls is the gmail account we use for my store.
Mulberry Market.