Leaving Chicago

It’s always like this.
I’ve been traveling to Chicago, either for Blogher or to see my pals, about twice a year.
I’m in love with Chicago. Gorgeous, manageable, clean, interesting, Chicago has lots to offer. And, as it’s not my city, I tend to be romantic about it. Of course, what’s not to like when one is treated to the kind of lodging I am treated to? Have I mentioned that whilst staying in Chicago I sleep in a pink canopied bed, 37 stories up, with an awesome view of the John Hancock tower? I have Ms. Buxom and Miss Buxom to thank for that.
When it’s time to leave Chicago, I’m always spent. Four days of non-stop giggling, girl-talk and good food. Four days of meeting (especially this year) hundreds of people. HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE. People who do what I do: blog with passion, love to chat, write all the time (no matter what the venue is, or how well it is equipped, there are always bloggers all over the couches and floors and lobby – WRITING, while the rooms deigned “writing rooms” are often empty) and people who are “social.”
We meet, we laugh, we drink, we room together, we commune. We tend to see things in the same light, laugh at the same things, enjoy the same conversations.
It’s a huge club, the biggest clique, your college dorm.
We are birds of a feather even before we attend the Birds Of A Feather luncheon.
I was feted and lauded and gushed over (you have no idea how thrilling that is: to be a star in my own life). I feted and lauded and gushed (I’m still a huge fan of so many, still delighted by dozens).
I’m sorry if you (you in particular my reader people) have never been to BlogHer. It is a shame it costs money (though, this year, I had several friends who attended parties only which is a nice deal) to experience it all, and yes, it does have its issues, this blogging extravaganza – I have outgrown many of the sessions and panels, it can be too clique-y (private parties and two forms of ID for admittance?) – I’m not saying it’s perfect. But the experience is somehow legitimizing, and binding and common and universal and somewhat powerful.
And today, as I looked across the table at my internet friends, I realized that we will not be able to fully convey the impact, with all of its emotions, to anyone who wasn’t there.
I will go to work tomorrow and I will post photos and I will mull it all over in my head and my friends will ask how my blogging conference was…
It was great, I’ll tell them. It was funny and fun and provocative and moving, I might say.
Last night I was sitting with Jen and Poppy and Wendy and Susie and Fletch and Velma and Jan and Irene and…(I can’t even remember who all else – 50 of us) I was sitting on the roof, 47 stories up, overlooking all of Chicago, hell, we could see all the way to Canada, I’m pretty sure. We were up there talking and laughing and being together. And folks, all I can say, the only word I can come up for it is: great.
It was great.


KPB said…


But glad that you get to go all the same.
Jan said…
*sigh* It was great, wasn't it? And I was just a partygoer.
So good to see you again!
Miz S said…
I am SO happy you had fun. I'm afraid I might find it overwhelming. Although, maybe that's just me being a fraidy-cat.
Anonymous said…
I examined The Pioneer Woman's photos of BlogHer carefully in hopes of seeing you. But it seems to have evaded the camera. Again.

Glad you had a great time!
RW said…
It does sound great.
Jen on the Edge said…
I'm glad it was a good weekend.

Since next year's BlogHer will be in NYC, I'm giving serious consideration to attending. The only stumbling block is my aversion to large crowds. Can I get past that in order to meet some of my favorite bloggers? I just don't know yet.
MsCellania said…
Girl, you have found your Groove.
Good Job.
Great sons.
Lovely husband
AND a great hobby?
You have scored this life.
Poppy Buxom said…
Isn't it (pick one: awesome; amazing; incredible) that we have this biennial Same Time Six Months From Now thing going?

It nourishes me for the next six months of being surrounded by people who don't blog ... and don't get it.
it sounds wonderful. i wish i had been there. i wish i'd gotten to meet you too.
Caterina said…
Happy. Happy for you :)
alice c said…
Well...that is the only report on BlogHer that I need or want to read. I am so glad that you had a blast and that the wonderful blogging community got to dress up and party.
Amy A. said…
It sounds totally great.
The Tutugirl said…
I loved meeting you- you are so sweet and wonderful!
Anonymous said…
I want to hear more about your having been feted and lauded. That's lovely.

Ree said…
It was great.

That said it all.
Major Bedhead said…
I had so much fun. Meeting you was fabulous, especially when you said "OH, it's YOU!" I got all verklempt.