in which my adventure CONTINUED

It's one thing to spend a few days attending panels and eating (good) hotel food and sipping(?) drinks at cocktail parties - staying up late, chattingchattingchatting ALL THE TIME, but one expects they will go off to the airport, after BlogHer, and get on the plane and go home.
Home, where my thoughts escaping
Home, where my musics playing
Home, where my love lies waiting
Silently for me

Everydays an endless stream
Of cigarettes and magazines...

right, so, I was on my way home.
Feeling sort of, I don't know, overwhelmed I guess, I happily piled my crappe into Poppy's car and she graciously drove me to the airport.
I'm used to this journey. I know how it goes.
When I'm leaving Tuvalu I'm often asked if I'd like to go to Chicago earlier than my scheduled flight. It's a nice little bonus and I appreciate the speedy delivery of myself to get a jump on whatever we have planned.
BUT, when I'm going home? Something always happens. Snow, somewhere, conspires to delay me. Rain and lightning (my plane from Chicago was hit by lighting once) fight to keep me near Illinois, it seems. This time it was stormy dark clouds at my end of the world that threatened my trip.
Do you want the details?
Our pilot told us that we'd pull away from the gate but be delayed for an hour or so. We pulled away and I prepared (magazines and iPod at the ready) to sit a while. Minutes later we were speeding down the runway and into the sky. There had been a break in the weather we were told and our pilot (who I think was a rodeo cowboy in his spare time) was going to go for it. We'd land in Tuvalu in a short while!
A short while later, we were circlingcirclingcircling and told that the weather was badbadbad.
After a while we needed fuel and set down near Babelbabe! I thought of calling her but was trapped on board texting K somewhat frantically. (He was waiting for me at the airport.) We'd get fueled up, wait out the weather and proceed home. K proceeded home too. It was getting late. On the plane, we got updated every 20 minutes or so until the pilot actually said: folks, I give up. Taxied back to the gate, we did (we had been set to take off again) and unloaded and made new friends and debated what to do next and waited on at least three lines. We were given hotel vouchers and walked about 20 miles to the shuttle bus and waited on another line and were very patient and FINALLY were given very lovely rooms in a hotel.
By then it was well after midnight and I know I was feeling buzzy with exhaustion.
I rearranged my luggage and checked my email and wrote to my boss and worked to fall asleep.
I got about two hours worth before the wake-up call roused me and I groggily found my way back to the shuttle. I waited another few hours to take off again, slept like a stone for about 20 minutes on the plane, shared a cab into town and went to work.
And while the whole thing was really only frustrating and not painful, I was a bit of a zombie at the office. The downside is: I'm going to need a while longer to upload pictures and tell you funny stories.
There was a naked blogger you know. Wendy went home with at least a dozen deodorants. Poppy was the star of the show. Angie shared my room. The Mamarazzi party was a huge hit.
But right now? I'm home. And it's time, after 32 hours or so, for me to climb into my bed.
Anyway, my thoughts are escaping....


Ree said…
What an ordeal! I'm not even going to jinx myself by saying that I've never had that happen to me.

Oh shit.
Anonymous said…
When Elder Son was on his way to South Africa for his semester abroad, he found out the night before his flight that South Africa Airlines, his carrier, had gone on strike. They put him up in a hotel near Reagan Airport in DC -- he had spent a few days there visiting his girlfriend -- for five (5!) days, until the strike was settled.

He was a day late getting to his SA university. Many emails were sent.
Jan said…
This happened to Molly when she left the wedding overnight in although she left on Monday morning, she didn't get back to her apartment until Wednesday night(!) with the time difference. Exhausting, isn't it?
Paula said…
Glad you're safely back home.

Ha. word vf=testu and I guess it did.
Anonymous said…
What a trooper you are for turning up at work after all that.
I hope you have a restorative sleep back home safe in your nest.

Miz S said…
I would have been sorely tempted to call off work.
unmitigated me said…
Oh dear. Not the ending one hopes for. Thankfully the pilot knew when to quit and didn't keep you on the tarmac for eight hours!
Anonymous said…
I can't believe you went to work!
Only you.
Anonymous said…
I also can't believe you went to work after all of that. Wow. This is one of times when you might need a vacation from your vacation. Happy recovery.

Caterina said…
Glad you made it home.
Anonymous said…
Only you can make being stuck in an airplane sound cool. I'm following your Blogher story with interest.