I'm headed home

- but I'm pretty stoked about the answers to the mystery of the cans....They are back in the oven and I'm loading the car.


Talk to you later.


Anonymous said…
wow. time DOES fly.
As you would say, I luff this shot, presumably you and Youngest?
Badger said…
LOVE that photo. LOVE!
Anonymous said…
Hmmm. This raises the possibility that the cans were originally put into the oven by a renter in, say, early May, 1973, and every renter since has either not discovered them or, like you, replaced them when they left.
Lover Lady said…
Awesome photo. I must copy!
Anonymous said…
That really is a spectacular photo.
It says love and LEGS.

Anonymous said…
...That time in the day when shadows grow long... Absolutely lovely- mat and frame that print it is priceless!
Saoirse said…
You take the BEST pix!