the human drama of athletic competition

Last week, while we were on the Cape, my mom got us hooked on the Tour De France.

There are no athletes in my family, or my extended family for that matter - but when I was growing up there was always a sporting event on television on Sunday afternoons. Not ball games, but skiing and skating and gymnastics and track and field. My mom would know the back-stories of star athletes or have read about a particular team and fill us in while we watched. We watched Iron Man Triathlons and diving competitions, rowing and downhills. My brothers and I would imitate the sportscasters commentary when we played outside, narrating our own bike rides or pretend snow challenges.
We became Sports Telecast Watching Enthusiasts and looked forward to the Olympics and the World Cup and the Tour De France.

And now, my boys enjoy watching with my mom.
Youngest spent hours watching and learning about the Tour last week and has impressed his brothers now that we are home and there are stages to watch on our couch.

This week Youngest is teaching us about the Peloton and the climbers and the breakaways.

What do I wonder about while he narrates for us?
The outfits. Of course.


mizz_b said…
My favorite team is Garmin, though I am not at all happy with what they did to Hincapie this weekend.

And, I love the argyle.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I can't bring myself to watch. I worry too much about the brittle bones of those bikers.

MsCellania said…
But of course.
KPB said…
You see the main thoughts that occupy my mind during the Tour de France are:

1. what idiots

2. chaffing

3. sometimes, in some events, only having one ball is probably a blessing.

And a very belated happy birthday.

And how I wish I could be in a position to even be considering sharing a cab.
Badger said…
Hey, has Youngest seen "Breaking Away"? Remember that movie? From back in the '70s? About the teenager that was obsessed with the Italian cycling team? I think he might love it, if it's not too dated for him.