BlogHer 09 in pictures

It's important to have nicely groomed feet for a blogging conference, especially if you blog for BeautyHacks, right? (Note to Poppy: it's tax deductible!)


Way back on Thursday, Poppy brought me for a pedicure at her salon.
It was a little different from where I usually get my nails done...and the jasmine oil foot massage was the least of it.


It was one of those places where you just sit back in your chair and think: oh...this is just lovely.

While at BlogHer I went to panels, keynotes and parties. But mostly I met people.

Like Schmutzie

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of whom I am a great admirer.
I've been wishing to meet Schmutzie for a few years and when I finally did, on Thursday night, I couldn't stop smiling. She's pretty wonderful.

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She brought The Palinode with her.
This pleased me.
After chatting for a while with them, I tasted his gin and tonic. The bartenders had a heavy hand at the Sheraton and The Palinode had mentioned it and I, strangely, felt comfortable enough to take his drink from him and taste it. They are a very dear couple, Schmutzie and The Palinode...and they were rooming with Jess.

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Jess and I had some quality time outside on Thursday evening.

But it's not all quiet conversations in the driveway, Blogher, oh's mostly:

Huge crowds


Laundry fairies (we could win laundry and cleaning service for a year)

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Sponsor booths:


Pork! We love it!

And lots of parties...



Chocolate fountains and tiaras!
Unicorns and deodorant!
Yes, my friends, that's what BlogHer is like. Unicorns, deodorant, naked women (there was one, I swear) and a ton of swag that you think is groovy but aren't so sure about after you get home. (Do I need all this deodorant?)

The thing is, I don't really care much about the swag - I care about this kind of thing:


and some of this:

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and lots of this:


The bunch of us! Linked in an amazing way. We have common experiences we share and unique experiences we take the time to appreciate.
And I love it.
And I'm lucky.
Even if it did take me two days to get back and a week to recover.


Jen on the Edge said…
It sounds like a wonderful time and I'm glad you were able to go.

If I come to BlogHer '10, I hope I get to meet YOU.
Anonymous said…
I'm kinda choked up. You're living the dream, Blackbird. And like Jen says, you're one of my bloggy heroes, so I'd probably go all ga-ga and swoon if I found myself bedazzled in your presence one day. With gin in hand, of course.
Anonymous said…
The smiles say it all.
Wendy said…
It is all about the smiles.
Poppy Buxom said…
I <3 you so *hard* right now!
Anonymous said…
You are all very lucky. What an amazing thing. Oh, and I LOVE your grey shoesies!

Suzanne said…
Great pictures. I am extra grateful for the one of the unicorn cake, which I showed to my husband. He was impressed.

On a semi-related note, I got an email from American Airlines today apologizing for our diversion. They gave me 15,000 miles, which I think is great. They must be hurting to retain business.
Miz S said…
So, you met NakedJen, didja?
Amy A. said…
So jealous.
Caterina said…
What a lovely time.

And !!! Laundry fairies !!! OMG :) :)
Elan Morgan said…
I still can barely believe that I met you in person. I wish that I had the wherewithal to do more than just grin at you.