back in the saddle

You know what I always say? Re-entry is hard.
Let me tell you - at about 3:00 yesterday I was itching for a gin and tonic and a little nap.
Also? I had smashed my knuckle (ring finger, left hand) the night before and by noon it was black and throbbing (and I'm left handed).
Fortunately, it was an easy day at work.
Unfortunately, just before lunch something freaky happened with my vision. I could see but I couldn't see everything. I couldn't see the edges of things. No peripheral vision. Kind of.
At lunch, my friends pointed out that I was probably about to have a migraine. K texted that I should take some Tylenol and I braced myself.
I did get a headache but it wasn't as bad as I feared it might be. And it was totally different than any other headache I ever had. After it went away I felt sort of sick but by that time it was time to go home. With my smashed knuckle and my swirly stomach.
Anyway - my point is: that was my first vacation from work and it was a nice escape...and it was nice to come back, too - because I still like my job.

I know.
I'm lucky.


Mary said…
The finger sounds nasty.

The headache sounds nasty.

Returning to work sounds nasty.

Yet you are managing to keep it all together!
Lover Lady said…
Regardless, I hope you had a gin & tonic as soon as you hit the door to your house. Well, at least after you took off your shoes, bra and any other constricting garmets.
jo said…
i hate to say it, but as a girl who has had 'visuals' her entire life (both parents get migraines) it sure as heck sounds like one to me. I see little flashes of light or as I tactfully call them sperm. Then the edges go, then it is just a very center field of vision thing until i come out the other side. I have pills I NEVER leave home without that I take as the visual hits and I don't get the headache, as bad as I would without. Coughing, even a day later reminds me of feeling my brain swell to hit the sides of my skull. Anyhow, at the risk of sounding morbid, which of course was not my intent, I too have realised that nothing makes work less painful than a job that you love and it is so nice to hear that you enjoy it so.
Miz S said…
I'm glad it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be.
RW said…
I too, am glad to hear that it was not as bad as you expected and you are very fortunate that you LIKE your job. It is a rarity these days.
Karen Dietrich said…
Boo for headaches and smashed knuckles! I recently had a fairly painful air hockey injury myself. Yay for loving your job!
Anonymous said…
That freaky thing was an ocular migraine, I bet. I've been getting them occassionally for the last couple of years. Queasy making, but only last for 10-20 minutes.
Some say the culprit may be chocolate or alcohol.
Those liars.

* said…
Dear BB,

Of all the things I've learned about you over the years - the thing that shocked me the absolute most was learning that you are left handed.

It just never occured to me that you could be.