still raining

I'm home today to attend graduation.
It is gray and muggy here - which is no surprise as it has rained EVERY DAY.
I would imagine that the field (on which we assemble and applaud) is very muddy (and I'm positive that some women will be wearing heels) and would guess that by the time the ceremony is over (and the rain begins, as it is expected at 1:00) that there will be nothing left of the grass.
But it's not mine to worry

What a week I've had!
Do I say that every Friday?
I don't mean to imply that anything bad happened but I was just so busy and there were all kinds of crises and it all worked out in the end. I don't mind it when things go awry (the business trip I planned for my boss being changed a few times) or if there is emotional turmoil in the office (an assistant let go) or when I literally need to run from one end of the building to the other (forgotten papers). I love being exhausted at the end of the day. I love working completely behind the scenes (no one ever sees my best work) and having it all come together at 5:30.
It's all especially handy in distracting me from things that might make me a little crazy at home too...

Youngest is now in his "spending time on the couch playing video games" portion of summer vacation. If I was at home this would madden me. He stays up very late too (and I've noticed that pattern in my former 15 year old boys) and sleeps very late in the morning. Happily, I'm not usually here to be aggravated by that.

My sister-in-law asked me, yesterday, about what I'm bringing to the Cape (she and her family go to the Cape too and we share the cooking) and I've been so busy that I haven't given the Cape much thought. If I was at home all day I'm sure we'd be nearly ready to go - as it stands, I think I'd better give it some thought this weekend (and, perhaps, make some piles of clothing to think about packing).

Have you seen this? As ten million people have seen it I find it unlikely that you haven't, but go, watch it again. It makes me smile until my face hurts.

I'm off to see the receiving of the diploma!


Loretta said…

Have a wonderful time, tear up, and enjoy YOUR accomplishments at raising 3 fine, fabulous sons!

Now the theme song from the TV show is playing in the background...da da da da da dadda
Anonymous said…
Ditto Loretta!
You can worry about everything else tomorrow.
Congratulations Middle! Yer getting old! (Middle of course, not you blackbird.)

Thank you for that Dance Bit. It was AMAZING. HEART.
Jen on the Edge said…
Have fun today!

Congrats to Middle!
jenny said…
Congratulations Middle!
RW said…
Happy Graduation Day.
May the sun shine a little.

Sleeping 'till allmost noon is a common theme for young folk too.
Anonymous said…
Ah to be a teenage boy again...oh wait. Well, the memories of sleeping in as a teenage girl are very pleasant indeed.

Can't wait to hear about the graduation, if that's on the blog agenda. I imagine there would be some interesting people watching there.

Good luck on this weekend's catch-up.


Ree said…
Congratulations Middle. Best of Luck, but remember to make your own.

(I never understood that when my 6th grade teacher wrote it in my yearbook.)
Miz S said…
The teenager-sleeping-late thing in the summer always drove me crazy too. Thank goodness it passes. Congratulations to Middle! Aw. I remember when he was just a little 9th grader.
Miz S said…
Just watched the video and still smiling. Thanks for that.
Anonymous said…
Hats off to ya, Middle!

I had NOT seen Stavros. So fun.

Apparently the comment I left yesterday disappeared into Cyberspace!

Congratulations Middle (and family)
I think there are exciting things out there in the future for you.

Your talent and passion for what you do will take you places!
Enjoy the ride!
Eliane said…
Congratulations on graduating! I know all about the patterns of 15 year-old boys, we're sitting it out. Hope he won't grow mold or anything.
Paula said…
Congrats to the Graduate and to you too!
Caterina said…
Ditto on the congrats to Middle.

And thanks for the video link, I had NOT seen it :)