my own meme

10 things I like right now

coffee ice cream cones at the train station
air conditioning
72 degrees (f)
bobby pins
navy blue toenail polish
the scent of barbecued food
sleeping with the windows open
pita chips
seeing my co-worker's summer wardrobes

10 things I do not like right now

the price of gasoline
the scent of wet dog
all of my shoes
my hair
I'm going to stop at seven - too negative

10 things I do not care about right now

the price of heating oil
snow boots
rabbits in the garden
summer "blockbuster" movies


jenny said…
I just painted my girl's toes navy blue...

she couldn't wear any of her soccer uniform to tryouts so I told her that painting her toes the team color would be her secret power.
unmitigated me said…
Nice and simple, clean lines. I like it.
Ree said…
I think maybe ice cream is on the dinner menu.

Also, I was hoping that you and Badger would do a tag-team tutorial on knitting socks. No?
smalltownme said…
I like your meme.
MsCellania said…
I have given up on cute shoes.
Now wearing Clark's "Un" line.
The Coffee Lady said…
coffee ice cream you say?
Anonymous said…
Thank goodness you stopped caring about robots! I have been worrying...

Paula said…
I think you're on to something there, I think I'll steal your meme.
Miz S said…
Coffee ice cream cones? I shall dream happy dreams tonight.
Eleanor said…
Just checking to see if Coffee Lady picked up on the mention of coffee ice-cream. Yes,there she is!!
Duyvken said…
Mmmm coffee ice-cream.
Loretta said…
sorbet? Lemony, clean, fresh sorbet??

My heart aches.
Mary said…
I need, for various boring reasons, to get myself a small treat.

And navy blue nailpolish it shall be.
Stephanie said…
Should I resubscribe to you...did you change something? I don't get your updates in bloglines anymore. boo hoo.