I luff him

Even though I suspect The Manolo is a woman, I find him irresistible.
Especially on Mondays.


Anonymous said…
Yep. Woman. And v. witty.
Yesterday I told my boss "I'll be back in 5 minutes".
I went shoe shopping!
Badger said…
The Manolo was one of the first people ever to link to my makeup blog. I credit him/her with most of my traffic over there.
Angie said…
I think Manolo is a plus sized woman. I read something one time about being size 16 when they met someone somewhere or something. This I like. However, when I read that blog it always reads in my head as being written in a 3rd person voice.
Unknown said…
Hello to the Blackbird!

Many thanks for your most kind remarks, you are indeed most super fantastic!

And now, allow the Manolo to assure you that he is the man, as he has been, more or less, since birth.

Muchos Besos!