How many days until we leave for the Cape? (I had no idea.) 13.
13 days until my first real vacation from work. I'm very excited but, as I've just realized it's only 13 days until we leave for the Cape, I'm a little anxious too. Much to do.

How many days until Blogher?
32. I really shouldn't count down to Blogher, per se. It's not that I don't enjoy the conference - and I am very excited about meeting some people (Schmutzie and Palinode, Angela) - but the real draw is seeing the women I call My Chicago Friends. I'm just about busting with excitement to see My Chicago Friends.

How many days till my super secret birthday adventure?
82, which is 118,080 minutes.


I truly hope it stops raining and summer arrrives on the Cape before you do.
Amy A. said…
Oh! So much to look forward to. Yay! :)
RW said…
exciting times ahead.

a super, secret birthday adventure? are you keeping a secret from us or is someone keeping an secret from you?
Anonymous said…
we should try the lotto with these numbers
Poppy B. said…
Listen, Missy, Your Chicago Friends are busting with excitement to see you, too!
Anonymous said…
Good times! Can't wait to hear about the super secret adventure.