cheap shoes

I know everyone was very disappointed about my recent shoe experience. (If everyone equals five of you.) I'm not going to say much about it - I ordered shoes from a company that I perceived to be young and exciting (see? already saying too much). The shoes looked adorable on the website but ordering was difficult: fall in love with a pair of shoes, realize they are not available, repeat this several times and then read that they are sold out...I finally received a pair that did not fit me well and did not appear to be well made. That second bit would not have put me off as they were inexpensive and one cannot expect too much from cheap shoes. But that first part, the not fitting properly, was a deal breaker. The toe box was cramped and the heel slid off my foot with every step. I don't know about you but I don't go off to purchase "heel savers" and the like for shoes that cost slightly more than a pair of jeans.
You know the rest, I think, I asked to return them, the company pointed out that they don't accept returns, I explained that I didn't think that was a good way to do business nowadays and they relented. For all I know they may be lovely people who are doing their best to start a business in a tough economy - but I'd say they have inventory and quality issues and they've gotten some nice press attention so I hope they can work those things out. (This sounds very condescending of me but, believe me, I would much rather purchase goods from small companies.)

In the meantime, I feel it is my duty to provide you with an alternative (cheap) shoe company.
Widely available (Solestruck has free shipping worldwide!), very hip, comfortable and inexpensive, Jeffrey Campbell shoes are my new favorites.

Picture 6

Priced at $49.99 I could learn to make blue suede a neutral!

Picture 5

I love anything tied at the ankle! (Did that come out funny?)

Picture 4

Grey is very chic.

Picture 3

My husband is rolling his eyes, but I love them...

Picture 2

He wouldn't roll his eyes at these in quite the same way.

A word of advice: google the style you like and shop around. I've seen Mr. Campbell's shoes priced at $49 and $69 and $129. There are deals to be had. And, it would appear, that the line changes frequently, so, if you miss out on a style you liked, hang on for a couple of weeks and see what's new. Shoes do tend to sell out quickly at the Urban Outfitters and Free People sites. (Did you know you can order shoes at these sites and return them in the stores? Very handy.)

Finally, for those of you who have second thoughts about ordering shoes on line, I would encourage you to try it. Order two sizes if you aren't sure about fit and send one back. If a site offers free shipping you aren't spending much more time and money to return what you don't like than you would if you were driving around to purchase shoes like this. And that's the kicker (if you will) about shoes like these: I'm not seeing them in stores.

So! There you have it. Inexpensive, attractive, easily available.
I think Jeffrey should have sent me a pair as a thank you, don't you?


Jen on the Edge said…
I order most of my shoes online. Once I'm familiar with a brand, it's easy to figure out sizing. If I'm not sure, I go to Zappos and read the customer comments.
KPB said…
tied up, eye rolling, GOD so much sexual innuendo, I might have to put the child lock on.

And those grey shoes are UUUUGHHHHHGLY.

While those holy converse numbers will go nicely when you reprise your role in Pretty in Pink.
Anonymous said…
free worlwide shipping!?!!
robiewankenobie said…
kim at allconsuming wins at comments for the day. *snort*
The Coffee Lady said…
Where are the ones you can wear with woolly socks?
Anonymous said…
::light bulb over my head:: The holey Cons would look great worn with a pair of hand-knit socks made from a self-striping yarn. Oh, yeah!
Amy A. said…
Okay, here's the thing, though. It's summer and people are wearing closed toed shoes without stockings, tights or socks. There is an odor issue, I fear. The blue suede is fabulous, but what about the sweatiness factor?

You have made me want to shop for shoes, that's for sure!
Anonymous said…
I'm in awe of ANYONE with an eye for shoes and the ability to shop for them online. I? Am not so brave.
Lover Lady said…
As someone who wears a size 11 (Yes. You read that correctly. But I am 5'10 so I need a sturdy base.), I pretty much HAVE to order all my shoes online because very few retailers carry size 11 in stock. I stick with a few brands so I am familiar with the sizing and shop places with free shipping. It's all good.
Ree said…
My Jeffrey Campbells are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.
Anonymous said…
You, bb, have gorgeous taste in footwear. I love that last pair in particular.

Louise said…
personally i buy most of my shoes online ...lately I found some cool ones . They are comfortable and surprisingly inexpensive. finding shoes for me seems to be a lot easier