Survivor, but first...

I have, recently, been accused of not being encouraging to new bloggers. It's true. Of course, the very same person also plagiarized me pretty mercilessly, but we don't have to get ugly (and, btw, it was I who kept my very loyal friends from ripping this person to shreds). Heavens! I digress.
Karen has asked us, or me even, to vote for her and I'm pleased to. She's adorable and has my previous haircut and a new blog. I'm sure most of us can remember what it's like to have a new blog - to worry who's reading and wonder why it seems that no one is. I've only spent a short time at grapes at midnight but just knowing that Karen likes infomercials makes me like her - you probably will too. But we must VOTEVOTEVOTE by midnight tonight (and, yes, registration is required...PAY IT FORWARD, PEOPLE).

Fortunately, Youngest's Spring concert took place on Wednesday and so, I was home to see our favorite show. Also, fortunately, Youngest has decided to continue playing trumpet even though I totally gave him an out and was feeling kind of low about making my asthmatic child play a very difficult instrument especially as he has a pretty significant issue with his mouth which also makes playing the trumpet a little harder and AM I RAMBLING? Bottom line: I didn't have to have an emotional "it's my last school concert ever" moment.

ON SURVIVOR, there are only six players left and Coach is really annoyed. Like I care. Debbie doesn't care much either.
Coach doesn't care about the million dollars. He cares about this game and integrity. I guess that means he's giving the prize to charity if he wins?

Debbie decides to step up. Stepping up in this case means betraying Coach. Stephen and JT aren't too keen on her. She wants an alliance with them. They seem wary.

The first challenge isn't a challenge. It's the auction. They each get $500.
The first item is a bowl of fries. Sold to Debbie for $120.
Chicken parm - $320 to Coach.
Mystery item - $160...nachos and guac - to JT.
Mystery item - $100...chicken hearts - to Stephen.
Final item - fake iPhone with messages from a loved one - money may be pooled...everyone gives their money to Taj....Jeff sells it to her for $20...and I am in is Taj.
The last little bit of her message is her husband saying: see you back at camp...but if Taj agrees to go to Exile with her husband EVERYONE gets a loved one back at camp.
Of course she agress andandand... it's a LOVELY moment.

Taj and her husband meet at Exile. He thinks she looks great - she's so thrilled to see him.

At camp there are hugs all around. Lots of crying.

Taj teaches her hub how to avoid scorpions and such. He makes fire immediately and has newfound respect for her and what she's endured.

Stephen's brother is very supportive.
JT's little sister breaks down.
Debbie tells her husband how she's changed.
Erinn talks about how strong she's become.
Coach is thrilled to see his fellow soccer coach.

The goodbyes are tough. (And Mom has warned us that "the last two minutes of the show will change OUR LIVES.)

It's day 32. Only a week of playing left. I have no idea how many episodes that is - but it's not many.
Coach tells JT and Debbie that he thinks Taj has to be voted out.
JT says he'll talk to Stephen about it but he tell us that he and Coach don't agree.
Debbie asks Erinn who she thinks should go - Erinn and the rest of them pretty much agree that it needs to be Coach. They plan to blindside him and say they'll vote for Taj.
Debbie tells JT and Stephen that it needs to be Coach then Erinn then Taj. She promises to give them the immunity idol and take third to save one of them.
Stephen doesn't trust her.
JT wonders what else she has promised. She can't be happy with third place.

Time for a challenge.
An obstacle race to a group of spinning math symbols. Repeat the sequence of math symbols and solve the math problem and you win.
Stephen wins after memorizing all ten symbols in one pass and I cannot possibly describe how he did it. (An amazing feat of memory and math.)

They return to camp and cheer for Stephen. He and JT feel they are in a dominant position. They talk to Taj about Debbie.
But then Stephen has second thoughts about getting rid of Debbie.
Coach comes over to chat up voting for Taj.
JT feels wrong about lying.
Stephen feels invincible.

At Tribal, the Jury assemble and Coach speaks first.
He talks about how Debbie will never lie to him and Jeff gives him so crappe about being "a warrior."
Jeff has so many questions for the players...once again I find myself anxious for the vote.
Stephen keeps immunity and they vote.
Will it be a blindside?
One vote for Taj.
One for Coach.
One for Debbie.
Another for Debbie.
Debbie goes.
So much for her plan.

If that was the last two minutes, it didn't change MY life...

I've been reading Karen during the commercials. I'm liking her a lot.


WHO said you aren't encouraging to new bloggers?

That's EXACTLY why there is an award for you on my blog today.

I'll check out Karen. I trust you.
Anonymous said…
Is plagiarism the sincerest form of flattery?

The show and its last 2 minutes didn't change my life either, but I must say that every time Survivor starts up again, part of me wonders why I watch the show, and why would I care about these people. But it always ends up being really interesting, and I DO end up least for some of them and their fates. (Sorry, not about Debbie's so much, though--eh.)

Ree said…
I would BEG to differ with the assessment that you aren't welcoming to new bloggers.

And Karen is adorable. Much like you.
Badger said…
What the HELL?! Where was I when all this was going down? (Not the Survivor crap, the OTHER crap.)

Pretty Things said…
I always miss the interesting stuff.