I'm sure it looks just this good too.

Oh, to have that kind of time...and such a steady hand. And a cassette tape.

It took me three days to make my Moo business cards. Don't ask - enjoy these instead.

Have I told you how much I like this site? I like this site.

I'd eat it.

I find this utterly fascinating.

Oh! OH!

Here's a dandy collection of posters for you.

That's it then. They've killed the whole bacon/internet thing.

Last Day Dream
. Lovely and sad.

I luff this.

That's all.


Jen on the Edge said…
Cheeseburger in a can is just wrong. But I do think those business cards are wonderfully clever.
Jen said…
Bacon was edgy?
RW said…
the hamburger in the can - I shudder.
Anonymous said…
Suddenly I am afraid of bacon.
Loved the business cards and the noteboek
Anonymous said…
The last two. Thank you.

Caterina said…
Please do tell how you find these very interesting sites?

I gasped at the burger. Blehk!
And disclose a clue to Picasso.....my eyes are starting to hurt =)
maggie, dammit said…
I just had moo cards done, too! I swore I wouldn't... and then I did. They are SO. COOL.

I keep handing them out to my kids.

Badger said…
I was bacon when bacon wasn't cool, yo.
Anonymous said…
Don't you just LOVE the Moo?

It took me 3 days to come up with mine too.

15 different cards, five colors, one design.

They absolutely kick ass.

Anonymous said…
I really like that site you like.

Mary said…
Just done the moo card thing too.

If I had loads of money there is any number of posters I would buy from that site!
KPB said…
I love these types of posts of yours.

That is all.
Miz S said…
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