It's a hard knock life

Not Annie Lennox.
Not Annie Hall...nothing like Annie Leibowitz...all the Annies I - not me....
After I was at work for a few hours today, I removed my fabulous Anthropologie scarf, looked down at my outfit and realized that I looked exactly like:

Little Orphan Annie. From Broadway. Which I saw with the original cast.
I amused several of my co-workers by removing said scarf and doing a little soft-shoe whilst singing.

You'd LOVE working with me.



I know I would!

Whenever I leave a task for the next day, I always break out into a chorus of Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I'll do it, Tomorrow.
smalltownme said…
People should break out into song more often.
barbra said…
Like probably all women my age with a theater background, I was an orphan in that show when I was a kid!
Amy A. said…
I KNOW I'd love working with you. I entertained my troops with a bad rap song today. Nothing like a little entertainment for employee morale!
jh said…
I can always crack mine up with a broadway rendition of The Sun Will Come up Tomorrow, complete with New York accent and jazz hands. I feel ya, sister.

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Anonymous said…


Anonymous said…
I would love to work with you too! Who wouldn't? And do you mean to say that you saw it with Sarah Jessica Parker in the title role? Oh my goodness, that is so great! Love her.

Ree said…
I have no doubts. None at all.