important links from Middle

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

If anyone is going to buy him a multi touch touch screen interface it has to be a jazz mutant lemur.

Do I have Swine Flu?

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

Just to clarify on the bag situation.

Okay then.

*Good lord! Haiku link now removed as many of the haikus were sort of raunchy.


KPB said…
Growing up, sniff
loretta said…
Bwahh- love the swine flu link - actually clicked on it to see the symptoms because home with The Teen who is really sick and very worried that she has it - but I'm sure she doesn't.

blackbird said…
I love your Haiku
Fine for a Thursday morning
SURPRISE at the end!
Amy A. said…
Shoot. I could have used a raunchy haiku to jumpstart my day. :)
MsCellania said…
Well darn.
I was going to get Middle that little critter he desires, but then I noticed the one month shipping delay and thought I'd get him something else--hey, what about some free advice?!!!

"Dear Middle,
My only advice to graduates is Take Your Pillow to University."
HaHaHa - wv is childlit!
vicious_pretty said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
Middle is funny
Wise beyond his years, I think
Props via haiku

Anonymous said…
Middle will always be Middle! Thanks for stopping by every now and then.
eurolush said…
Link love!

Large Hadron Collider is rul scury.

wv: himpally

You are himpally the best.
Caterina said…
Did cristina mean to comment by saying "t-shit"?
Anonymous said…
Sorry to have missed the raunchy haikus. Still, thanks for the reassurance.

vicious_pretty said…
HA, thanks cat. you are 100% correct. i'm always afraid, of all the words out there, that i'll mess that one up, and there i go. apparently my comment is as raunchy as the haiku page. sorry, blackbird. sorry, comment readers! i'll try again.

that haiku was originally a threadless t-SHIRT. my husband has it and gets comments on it all the time.
alice c said…
Ah! So that is why the link was called indecenthaikudotcom.
Melanie said…
My daughter has that on a t-shirt, too!