five things in my bag right now - no, wait...SIX

1. My camera.

my camera

You're welcome.
Ya know, next to my photos, on Flickr, it used to say: taken with a Leica C-Lux. It doesn't anymore and Flickr has all kinds of new "aps" that I need to check out. You know what ELSE I need to do on Flickr? MAKE MY DAMN MOO CARDS FOR BLOGHER. I've started five or six times and something has occurred each time to undo the process. I WAS going to spend a lot of money and have GORGEOUS business cards letterpress printed by an old blind woman in Seattle or SOMETHING but I'm cheaping out. The cost of 250 letterpress cards is nothing to sneeze at.

And speaking of sneezing:

Simply Saline

2. Simply Saline nasal mist. I can't even TELL you how many years I've spent medicated, unmedicated, addicted to Afrin, living through allergy hell. Well, last year I discovered a better road. I use this fine saline mist in my nose in the morning and the evening and it has worked wonders. I still get itchy eyes but this is a much more reasonable way, it seems, to handle my allergies. But, if you like this stuff, you might want to get a hold of some of this stuff too -

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3. Ayr Saline Nasal Gel. This stuff is just the loveliest stuff you will ever put up your nose. With soothing aloe.
(I think I've talked enough about my nose now.)

Johnson's Body Care

4. Do you know how many years I used Johnson's baby products? No, of course you don't. All my years, I reckon. I even have a bottle of baby wash stuff in my shower. But now Johnson's makes a grown-up line (but they are stupid about it because it's next to the baby stuff in my market) and I think I like it.

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5. I picked up this lip gloss at the supermarket because friends of mine at work use this tube-style lip gloss and I became infatuated with the idea of it. I'm liking it. It's not too shiny, it doesn't smell funny and it stays on for a long time.

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6. Because you never know when you might be hiking. Barefoot.


Anonymous said…
I don't think the Johnson people are stupid. They know that adults (like you) used their baby products. So they put it next to the baby product so you could find it. They should also cross-merchandise it to the adult section, but that is probably lazy staff.

Try the cliff mojo bars. amazing.
Lover Lady said…
I will have to try the saline gel. I have been using saline spray for years, but not like I should. I have a terrible time with allergies, esp. living in the U.S. South. Lots of green, blooming things here.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the product-testing, especially on the lotion and the lip gloss. And can't wait to see your cards.

Karen Dietrich said…
This post makes me want to start carrying a bag. And wear gooey lip gloss from a tube. Seriously, that stuff looks delicious!
alice c said…

To quote MasterM
"They are well nice."
Caterina said…
Hey! I use that Simply Saline nasal mist!!! And the Loreal ColorJuice lipgloss :)

Neither are in my purse though.
Allison said…
Is the Loreal gloss sticky? I'll be damned if I can't find an unsticky-gloss under $10.
blackbird said…
It's a little sticky - sorry to say.
Geggie said…
Oh, yes, the Mojo bar is great. I, too, love the L'oreal lip gloss, I love caramel creme and butterscotch kiss!

I might steal this post as I've been in a slump as of late.
Wendy said…
Every year I buy a tube gloss and every year it annoys me. I wind up using about a third before I chuck it. I'm swearing it off for good this time.

Love the Clif Chocolate Brownie flavor.
Anonymous said…
Johnson's Bedtime Bath. Oh so delicious.

I can't wait to see your cards either!

RW said…
oh clif bars - just discovered them - but they are expensive to buy on their own and my wholesale source recalled the mixed box as it had the peanut butter ones in it.
Mary said…
It is ridiculous how much I enjoy these glimpses into your life - your bag, your commute etc etc!
Ann Martin said…
Maybe Dr. Oz's neti pot would help your allergies - he and O make it sound like it's pretty essential.