but these lads have nothing, this is their parade


Dang. Now I'm weepy.
Anonymous said…
We always considered our family privileged. My brother has always come back safe and sound from the various wars he's fought for the Italian Air Force.
This story stopped me too.
Thank you for sharing it with us.
Anonymous said…
There is nothing so powerful as something the people do spontaneously, just because it seems right.
Pretty Things said…
Oh I can't watch things like that, immediate water works.

I agree wholeheartedly with kmkat -- the spontaneous action makes it amazing.

I served in the military, my husband retired from the military -- I'm always terrified of these sorts of things.
Scot said…
Well that about moved me to tears.
Birchsprite said…
This was on our local news a few weeks ago... it was one of the few times in recent years that I felt proud of my adopted country. British folk know how to do understated in a totally heart stopping way.

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