It's Youngest's birthday today.
I've asked him to tell us 15 things. He wasn't pleased with that format. I fished around, hoping to get him to talk...

1. What size shoe do you wear?
8 1/2.
(He is the only child in my house with decent socks and, I think, his feet are sort of big.)

2. Favorite song?
The Feel Good Drag.
By Anberlim.
(He had to spell that for me and told me he was going to have to spell it for me. Watched the video, liked it! Of course, now I'll probably find out it has some obscure connection to something bad - like a cult or something....)

3. Why is 15 better than 14?
There is no reason.

4. I don't know what else to ask you...
I like ponies, I dream of world destruction...
You do?!
No. Just kidding.
Okay, what's your favorite chip?

5. Let's get over the whole favorites thing, tell me some stuff.
Everyone asks me how I'm spending my birthday, so I'll tell you what I've told them: sitting on my ass playing video games. In my underwear.
I think I'll leave out the underwear part.
Oh, no. It's important. I'm not getting dressed.

6. What's your vision of an ideal spouse? nah, wait...
This isn't eharmony.

7. Do ya like flowers?
I like them okay.

8. Do you have any special talents?
I pwn many a noob?

9. Are you funny or good looking?
- I've had people tell me both.

10. Belts or suspenders.

11. What's that you're drinking?
Mountain Dew Voltage.
Your mother lets you have that?
On special occasions. She doesn't like it.

12.What's the most fun you've had in the last week?
Going free running with friends.

13. What's your first memory?
My mother holding me in her arms near the wine rack with my grandmother and godmother looking at me...The front door was open and it was very bright.
Gosh, I'm thinking that was when we had you dedicated at church.

14. Pirates or ninjas?

Gimme a bonus....your eyes are so black we used to think you looked like a cartoon of a baby...okay, what's your favorite thing about you?
My overall awesomeness.



jenny said…
Happy 15th youngest! May you pwn many a noob today.
KPB said…
Hah! Happy birthday Youngest.

As you turn 15, our Felix is turning 9. What an awesome day to have come into the world.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, overall awesomeness.
Happy happy happy day to you, one of the most important days in my life, May 17th, 1994.
Badger said…
Happy birthday, Youngest! Holy crap, how did he get to be 15?! Wasn't he like 11 when I started reading your blog? HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE BABY.

My boy child would have given the same answer for #8. Which is the only reason I knew what the hell that meant.
Anonymous said…
It is Syttende Mai, Norwegian Constitution Day. What a great day to have been born! (I tried to get my doctor to schedule Younger Son's C-section for that day but it didn't work with his surgery schedule. Rats.)

Happy b'day! I am sending you virtual noobs to be pwned. May they be properly grateful for your pwningness.
May Youngest and the 7 ninjas have an awesome Birthday.

(P.S. I seriously love your kids)
Anonymous said…
as his shirt says without me its just aweso

have a great day. Ill look for you on iChat.

RW said…
many happy returns to the youngest bb.


whoa. man.
MsCellania said…
Jaysus, Mary and Joseph.

Youngest, You ARE awesome. Never doubt that fact.
Happy birthday.
eurolush said…
I like how his first memory has something to do with you and wine. V. cool.

Happy 15th Birthday, youngest!
smalltownme said…
I am quite impressed that you got 15 comments out of a teenager.

Happy Birthday, Youngest!
Unknown said…
Some of my most favorite people on this planet were born on May 17. It's obviously the birthday of awesome people, all around!

Happy birthday, Youngest! Enjoy the video games! Sounds like the perfect plan for ringing in 15...
Mary said…
I'm with Badger. It does not seem possible that Youngest is 15 already.

Happy Birthday Youngest. May you continue to be so wonderfully confident in your awesomeness...
Robin said…
Happy Birthday to Youngest!

Scot said…
You have a wine rack in your church!?!
Oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIDDLE!!! Hope its everything you want it to be - and more.
Dude, get dressed already.
Pretty Things said…
That is such a COOL tradition.
Jen on the Edge said…
Happy birthday!
Sinda said…
Happy Birthday, Youngest!
Anonymous said…
Ah, Youngest. Free running, underwear, video games, pwnage, and bbq chips. You ARE all kinds of awesome. What didya have for dinner?

Happy Birthday!

alice c said…
Happy Birthday! - may this year be overall awesome and some.

(just as well you didn't go for a reprise of the 100 things meme...)
Anonymous said…
He's right - the underwear thing was very important!

Happy birthday.
Anonymous said…
I'm having trouble deciding between Middle and Youngest. Good thing I don't actually have to.

Glad you were born, Youngest, and congrats bb and K. He IS awesome.

Anonymous said…
He does sound full of awesomeness. Many happy returns!
Caterina said…
Happy Birthday (belated) Youngest!

Hope it was a good one.
scot - all lower case cuz I feel bad said…
Oh good lord!! Youngest, I'm so sorry. I really meant Happy Birthday to you.
Sorry, not paying attention, long day, crappy week. In my defense, when I got to the comment button, the post a comment box came up and, Right below it was the headline WHAT MIDDLE'S UP TO. I know, I know...no excuse is good enough. So.....
Hope it was everything you wanted it to be.

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