things I have a problem with

For Tuesday:

1. Ritz Crackers - should the C be capitalized? I don't know, but I do know this: not only am I sure the holes have been made bigger, I know for a fact that they don't taste as good as they used to.

2. Gum - didn't there used to be just a few gum choices out there in the marketplace? Why do I have to think so hard when I wish to purchase gum? And why does gum have to have all kinds of fancy-ass names for the flavors? Sweet mint. Fresh mint. Vanilla mint (which, btw, is just all KINDS of wrong). What the hell KIND of mint is it? I like peppermint and I have no qualms with spearmint and, people, WINTERGREEN is not mint.

3. There is some kind of gossiping going on just beyond my office door at this very moment and, for the life of me, I CANNOT hear it. Annoying.

4. Can it be that my new, very cheap, Gap ballet flats are going to rip the living hell out of the back of my heels? CAN IT? If this is true my summer shoe choices are becoming dangerously limited.

5. I admit that I am completely intolerant on the train. I know I am heartless, but if I am listening to my iPod and I know that you are a lawyer and I can hear all about how stupid (your word) your client is, you might want to shut the hell up.

6. Aren't I rant-y today?

7. Office shit-storms. Am now experiencing them. While they have nothing to do with me, it's not fun.

8. Last week it was 50. This week it's 90. I have a problem with that.

9. There is no number nine.

10. Flip flops at work. Okay? I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT.


Poppy Buxom said…
I'm with you on the shmancy mint flavors. I try to be open-minded, but if we have to put up with these mint hybrids (vanilla mint, cinnamon mint, licorice mint) is it too much to ask that they also stock a good supply of peppermint? I mean, I've heard of fast fashion, but fast gum flavors? Nowadays, buying gum is like finding yourself at Wet Seal when you thought you were heading to Talbots.
Pretty Things said…
I have an enormous problem with #8, too. I swear I should just pack up and move to Maine just so I'm not in a crappy mood all summer. Or rather, all spring/summer/fall the way it's going....
kelly said…
Re: #4 I hate new shoes that are painful to wear. I recently bought some good New Balance shoes to wear to work. These are much better than the cheap NB's I usually buy. Unfortunately every time I try to wear them, they maim me for several days. I guess I will have to stick to the cheap styles. I do want to throw out there, a nod to the Crocs flats styles. A friend who recently had knee surgery needed some for her 4th floor walkup job. She bought some of the Malindi style from and she loves them. I tried them on, and they are much more comfortable than I thought. I also liked the Olivia style. I ended up buying some of the (UGLY) RX Diabetic shoes. I have not received them yet, but hopefully they will alleviate some issues I have been having. I hope your week gets better.
At least you don't have a un-expected, un-invited, totally obnoxious houseguest (HS friend of roomate) who has now thrown out his back, and is laying in your floor, eating your food, using your laptop, and talking about how wonderful his adopted country is (every 3.7 minutes). He is from Mississippi, dammit, he has only been living there for 20 years, Shoneys has not changed their breakfast menu that much, so you do not have to wake up my roomate, at 3:00 to say "What's for breakfast?", when you know he has to go to work at 6:00. Damn, Sorry, Deep Breaths, I am feeling kind of rant-y too. I am unable to vent on FB or twitter, because he is now friending me, and I just can't be as rude as he deserves. But I am coming close, real close. Sorry again. Try Crocs flat styles.
Mulberry Girls said…
Damn BB never heard a rant like that go girl..I am ready for a bitch fest too! I had a customer in my shop today who decided it was my job to discipline her child after the little darling kept locking the door touching everything in site she says and I quote "Can't you please yell at him, he just won't listen to me" Well maybe if you even tried to discipline the little brat! UGH is it a full moon. And I am having the same problem with my new shoes from Lands End...look cute but not good on the feet..hoping it gets better

loretta said…
I feel your #s 5, 7, and 10. Office shit storms eat up all the air. Exhausting!
islaygirl said…
i live in phoenix, the epicenter of inappropriate office wear, and even here flip-flops are not ok at work. even on casual fridays in august.
blackbird said…
I'm liking this. It's kind of a little group bitch-fest about stuff.
Let's all breathe for Kelly, shall we?
Scots said…
Wow! Seems like we're all having a crappy day. I'm right on the edge and almost want to blow. I just yelled at the dumb bitch on Jeopardy and now this JACKASS is trying to sell me kaboom by yelling at me. I hate that guy's high pitched, little girl's voice. Like screeming at me will get me to buy ANY product.
The R and the C are upper case in all title. It's catted Title Case. If it was Ritz of Crackers, the o would be lower case because it's a preposition. Sorry, I deal with this kind of thing all day at work.

Maybe Mulberry Girls is/are right, could be the moon. It's the one thing we all have in common. That, and flu fears.
Scot said…
Chocolate Helps
Ree said…
Also, vodka helps, Scot
Scot said…
Reem how can we mix them?
Scot said…
Good Lord, my typing sucks tonight!!!
We had a total shitshow at work this past weekend. Sick people calling in sick, no-shows, Batshit-crazy customers. I was working my shifts, taking a break, then working other people's shifts.
BEST THING THAT MADE ME CHOKE ON MY COKE...customer with a GIANT tattoo across her shoulders that said Big Daddy's Bitch.

Something's in the air, I tell ya.
And here in Orlando, it might be Swine Flu. Somebody at the local hospital sent an inappropriately timed e-mail, about a tourist at Disney that may or may not have presented at the hospital, with what may or may not be Swine Flu.
eurolush said…
I like the ranting. You excel at the ranting. It is a gift.
Tutta la Storia said…
You crack me up. I would leap out of my seat and strangle the lawyer. Hey, I have needed a few in the past, and have one in my family, but come on, there has to be a great lawyer joke here in the making!
Can you and K just have a good romp so you get over it?

I'm sad about you being intolerant on the train.

Someone was on the radio today telling a story about their very short great aunt. Apparently, when anyone ever commented on how little/short she was she would simply reply, 'well, they don't make diamonds as big as bricks'.
Worse than flip-flops are those people who wear them to work and let the backs scrape along the ground with each step they take.
The Coffee Lady said…
I feel seriously cheated out of number 9
daysgoby said…
Also Orange Mint, Choco-Mint (hint to developers: Mutilating the word does NOT fill us with chocoLATE fever) Berry Mint and Fresh Java-Mint.

I do, however, love a good peppermint.

People who wear flip-flops very, very rarely have pretty feet that should be so on display. Also, at work *rolls eyes*
NorahS said…
It made me smile that there is no number 9!

As for gum, I recommend Orbit in any of the normally named mint flavors. It's just regular gum, which I find helpful when #7 is going on at my workplace or just in life in general.
Tuli said…
At Commencement this past weekend, some girl was wearing Old Navy-type flip flops. I gave her the evil eye but I don't think she saw it.
Stephanie said…
oh good Lord, woman, you crack me up.
RW said…
Vanilla mint?
Really. I am going to check out the gum options at my local super market.

I hate when products change something and the consumer can clearly taste/ see the change but the manufacturer doesn't admit it. We are not stupid people.
I don't get the new gum flavors either, I prefer Wheat Thins which taste and look the same as ever and I HATE not hearing gossip and I'm never bold enough to ask what I'm missing in those situations.
90 as in degrees?
blackbird said…
Degrees! But don't worry Green Girl, the AC in my office has it 50 inside!
Anonymous said…
I had a ROTTEN Tuesday too. Everything bugged me, people were difficult and annoying in a series of morning meetings, I hated what I was wearing, hadn't slept well due to annoying dreams...

Today, so far, and TG, seems to be better.

Vanilla mint is actually not too bad. I'm with you on the Wintergreen though. Blech.

Amy A. said…
Straight from winter to summer? No spring? That's just icky.

No wonder you're rant-y.
ssheers said…
1. Ritz Crackers used to have one gram of fat in every cracker. Maybe they took out some of the fat and that's why they don't taste as good as they used to.

4. I walked around all day yesterday with a new pair of Crocs Patricia sandals, and I have no blisters. They are very cushiony, and nobody noticed they were crocs (at least my kids - my own personal fashion police - didn't make any obnoxious comments about them).
Julie said…
Are they one of the ones we sell that pucker in the back and act like a suction cup on your heels??

If so I have a trick to fix it and save the shoes.

Miz S said…
#8 confused me, until I realized you must be talking about DEGREES.

I'm not gonna lie, I kind of enjoy office drama. I mean, I don't start it, and I'm seldom involved in it, but I find it entertaining. Does that make me a bad person?

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