Survivor, the Back In The Saddle Again edition

I've lost track of just about everything. Is Taj still there? Yeah. Spencer went home.
11 are left.
It's night 15 and I still can't understand what JT is saying. "If we were to lose again, it's gonna be a tugrogneding."
Sydney is nervous but gorgeous. And we ALL know that THAT is the reason to keep people on the team, right?

During the commercial, mom and I discuss the legality of wearing a turtleneck after April 1st.
How scary is that commercial for Doubt? Scary, I tell you.
What a day I had!
I won't go into it.
Can The Guiding Light REALLY have been on for 72 years? My mother debates it. 72 YEARS she shouts.
There hasn't been television for 72 years, I counter.
THAT'S WHY NO ONE WATCHED IT, she volleys back with.

Are the beans cooked or not?
Coach is pissing people off.
The beans are burnt because he didn't tend to them.
But he takes full responsibility for messing up the beans.
The whole bean topic takes a long long time.

At Jalapaloj, there are only 5 tribe members left and they are eating beans too. JT is narrating - so I've got nothing for you.
Taj says she's going to tell JT she has the idol. Stephen isn't happy with this, but I'm a little confused - whose idea was it to suspend programming with a recap show? I'M LOST.

Fortunately, I'm saved by a challenge. Each tribe builds a barricade in the opposing tribe's frame and then each tribe must throw ceramic pigs through it. Don't get it? Neither do I. Did I mention I had a bad day?
The reward is a barbecue at a waterfall.
It's more about catching the ceramic pigs than it is throwing them through the barricades, but whatev.
Gosh, ten minutes is a long time when you are throwing and catching ceramic pigs.
It's neck and neck with one minute left.
Timbira win...and judging by their reaction, I'd say they haven't won in a while.
They send Joe to Exile. He picks Erinn to go with him as he feels he can charm Erinn to flipping teams after the merge.
JT wraps up for us - and you know what that means.

The waterfall locale is certainly beautiful. Burgers are cooking on the grill and there are all kinds of fixings. They eat "like animals" and then go for a swim in crystal clear water. Everyone is happy and enjoying themselves.

At Exile, which isn't an island at ALL, Erinn and Joe pick their clues. Erinn knows that the idol is not at Exile and tries to figure out if she can trust Joe. They build a fire and Erinn reads him the clue. Joe figures they will each get the idol and make an alliance.

Taj and Stephen plan on making a fake idol to put in the special spot. Taj gets to work and makes a pretty decent looking fake and hides it where the real idol was. JT goes to grab a bag to take fishing and finds the idol that Stephen has hidden. Stephen lies and says that Taj has just found it and acts surprised. Then he tells Taj that she should tell JT...and she does. He tells her that he has already seen it. She tells him he can have it if he needs it. JT has complete trust in Taj and Stephen.

C'mon in guys! Time for the immunity challenge!
Using a sling shot, each time must break tiles to release puzzle pieces and solve the puzzle.
I will say that there have been fewer puzzle challenges this season...but still....
Timbira is way ahead as JT continues to miss the final tile...proving that he is the star of this episode. He finally breaks the last tile - will it be in time? OH, THE DRAMA.
Timbira win.
JT is so sad.
Sydney tells us that it's not a good thing to go to Tribal Council. Isn't she smart?

Joe has an injury! An infected leg! He keeps mum about Exile and runs off to get the fake idol while the rest of the team giggle. He lobbies to vote Taj out - and Sydney buys it but Taj knows that she has Stephen and JT to protect her. Plus, she has the idol. Steve makes a case for keeping Taj, but Joe isn't sure. He says he might give Sydney the idol to make a point if they vote her out. It's getting dicey - lots of talking - lots of plotting. Stephen tells JT it's HIS idol - they contemplate voting out Taj. No one knows what they are doing.
I'm pretty sure JT tells us that he's "going to hell."

Finally, we are at Tribal. There is talk of a merge. Is their vote based on trust or the possibility of a merge? It is better to have an alliance or to be loyal to the team? Everyone looks pretty miserable. JT has the last word and I CANNOT UNDERSTAND HIM. Is anyone talking about voting HIM out? They all look like they are crying!

Jeff reads the votes: Sydney vs Taj. Tied, but Sydney goes. We are happy. We like Taj and we like the way she plays.


Poppy B. said…
The Guiding Light started before television. In fact, soap operas were around before anyone had invented soap. Sheherazade invented the concept--tell a little bit of a story, end with a cliff-hanger--live to tell more story the next day.

That's right. The Guiding Light started as part of The Arabian Nights.

(OK, FINE. It was a radio program.)

(And you knew that!)
RW said…
I hope Friday is a better day for you!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like Survivor is exhausting to watch. I wore a turtleneck yesterday and argue that when you live in Wisconsin the rules are different. But you never wear a turtleneck with shorts.
ssheers said…
I'm not supposed to be wearing a turtleneck? Uh oh.
Anonymous said…
I told you JT needed subtitles. But I still love him, even if everything he says is a garbled, twangy mess.

TG that lame Sydney is gone. Now Joe can get it onn with Erinn.

Amy A. said…
March madness is the reason for suspended programming.

Diane Keeton wears turtle necks all year round, which makes them legal.

Go, Taj.
Badger said…
Can you really not understand JT at all? OMG. If we ever meet in person I am going to have to bring a TRANSLATOR with me.
Sadie said…
Looks like I've stumbled upon the handful of people who are actually still watching Survivor! LOL

I can only handle a reality show for one or two seasons, then the thrill is gone. American Idol? Big Brother? Survivor? The Amazing Race? They all got OLD quickly for me.
Leon Koh said…
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MaggieO said…
Usually by this point I am really rooting for someone, but I just don't care about anyone this time. Lame season.
Anonymous said…
When I was in high school I was already a complete Guiding Light addict. I also bought all of the BOOKS at the GROCERY STORE that used the early radio story lines as plots. Sniff. I am mourning a soap opera that I haven't watched for 20 years.