Did I mention that Middle's cell phone fell into a storm drain?

I'm mentioning it.

K managed, with a broom-stick, a rake and a roll of duct tape, to retrieve it. It's disassembled and sitting in a big jar of rice to dry out.

I'll keep you posted.

Updated to add:

A valiant effort but the phone only vibrates when reassembled.
Also? I wrote five more paragraphs for this post and blogger ate them. Am too frustrated to re-write them.


MsCellania said…
Bummer about the phone.
Worse bummer about the paragraphs :o(
Oh, this is funny; wv is 'arfol'
RW said…
Don't give up. 17-year-old-Boy's cell phone took three go-rounds with the rice, and is now functional.
Anonymous said…
Pretty Things said…
He is McGyver!

Verizon has a 2-year replacement thing, where you can get a new phone every two years -- does your plan offer anything like that? It helped us when Rick washed his Razor.
Tutta la Storia said…
I've never heard of the rice remedy! Blogger has been making me consider Wordpress or Typepad, esp. since I just used up my Gig of storage space, in two years. DRAT.
Ree said…
Don't give up on the phone yet. Shortman's took about a week to stay on when shut. It was fine when open.
alice c said…
Respect to K.
That is uber-parenting.
Spruce Hill said…
I washed my daughter's cell phone in the washing machine. It was in her uniform pocket. It turned on but that was it. They say once it gets wet that's it. She bought her new one herself on craig's list:)
Duyvken said…
Yay K!
catsteevens said…
RICE the healer. This is the second time around that I'm learning about it's magic powers :)
Schmutzie said…
Copy and paste, woman! The Blogger text box is word thief.
BabelBabe said…
K's ingenuity never fails to impress me.

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