now and then

Now: wake up at 5:50, get ready for work.
Then: get up at 6:20, get kids ready for school.

Now: pile everyone into the car at 7:20, drop kids at school and K at station in bad weather.*
Then: pile everyone into the car at 7:20, drop kids at school, park at station, ride train with K.

Now: arrive in town at 8:15, grab a cafe au lait, settle in and check emails.
Then: back at home, throw in a load of laundry and hop in the shower.

Now: spend the day getting boss into and out of meetings, arranging other meetings, doing mailings, fielding phone calls, writing emails.
Then: spend the day cleaning, cooking, driving kids, fielding phone calls, writing blog posts.

I took last Thursday and Friday off. Thursday I took the boys into town and we had a really nice time (another post) but on Friday I had an old-school day and did laundry and went to the supermarket and drove Youngest for a haircut and ran errands - and I have to say, I've just realized that for me? right now in my life? I like the Now better than the Then.

*in good weather K takes the scooter to the station.


Tutta la Storia said…
Great look back--it is a good thing to compare and contrast two moments in time and find that you like the present the best! Sometimes I REALLY REALLY miss working!
smalltownmom said…
It's good to like the now more. No regrets that way.
Anonymous said…
I could have bet on this.
WF boxysta(some of them deserve to be shown)
RW said…
I am glad you are liking the NOW better - but how great you have the flexibility to take a day off and have a THEN day too.
blackbird said…
Bluebird - as a relatively new reader you may not know that I like to respond to commenters...but I need an email address...
Bluebird said…
Hi BB. I've added my email to my page. Sorry! I thought most people responded via comments. I'm new to this whole blogging bit! Take care!
Pretty Things said…
Cool to look back, and even cooler to know that you love your life!
Amy A. said…
I'm glad.
It must feel very good to come to that realisation.
catsteevens said…
Why? I mean why do you think that is....that you like the NOW better than the THEN?

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