notes from the commute

12 Minutes before my train:

The woman standing next to me has applied her eyeliner perfectly. Interestingly enough, she has painted on a thin line of soft brown and then another line of beige. I would never have considered this - the line of beige, but it looks very pretty on her.

A man, who at first appeared to be a vagrant is actually incredibly stylishly dressed. He is wearing a large overcoat and a jaunty hat but I realize that his accessories belie his true state. He has wonderful shoes and the coat is cut to appear over-sized. His shoes are pristine and the hat, upon closer inspection, is full of attitude. His look is carefully calculated.

1o minutes before my train:

A couple board the subway. She looks me over and looks at him. I'm wearing a sort of kooky hat. She sees it for what it is and gives him a look. (I'm listening to my iPod.) She says something to him, about me, I can tell. There is a quiet spot in my song and I hear her say: she can't hear us!

The lady to my left is wearing a terrific gold blouse. The fabric changes hue in the lights. She's very well put together and has a wonderful ring which I cannot get a good look at.

A woman gets on the train in a big black parka. She is not small but is wearing a tiny black skull cap. Tight grey ringlets peek their way out of the edges of the cap. She has twinkly eyes.
Next to her is a woman in a bright red vinyl coat. She has auburn hair. The coat and her hair match hues beautifully. Was this purposeful, this incredible match of hair and outerwear? I can only hope so.

The music from Run Lola Run comes on my iPod.

Seven minutes before my train:

A crowd of people board the subway. I am crushed between the woman with the gold blouse and a guy in a soccer jacket. He has an iPod too. He's smiling and bopping his head. Suddenly, I realize that his song and mine have the same beat.

Five minutes before my train:

I push my way out of the subway car, the music is timed perfectly.
I sprint for my train.
It feels good.
I dodge and weave through the crowd, spotting K near the walkway.
We rush to the train together, find our seats and settle in.


Allison said…
I love these descriptions of your commute. I feel as though I am there with you!
Duyvken said…
I will be 35 later this year and I really think it is about time I learn to apply eyeliner. I always avoid it because I never seem to do it right. I end up looking like I had eyeliner on the night before and it went all smudgy while I was sleeping. Love the commute notes!
NorahS said…
I love people watching. Reading your post was just as much fun!
Anonymous said…
Oh so nice! Do you ever talk to any of these people? Are they ever the same or is it always a different crowd.

I like the woman with the twinkly eyes.

Anonymous said…
First, I adore your beautiful gift from Wendy. It looks fantastic and artistic and you totally deserve something made with such attention to detail.
Second, I think your people observations are one of my favorite things in the blogosphere.
Anonymous said…
Loving the commute notes. Do you actually taek notes to give us such a detailed ensemble?
And I LOVE the part where you spot K in the distance and run to him. It's liek a movie scene before my eyes.
Anonymous said…
TAKE and LIKE. Sorry!
Anonymous said…
I knew that was you! (that's what I was whispering to my husband about...not your "kooky" hat)
ssheers said…
The woman with the two eyeliners ... were they next to each other on her eyelid like stripes? Which color was closer to the lashes? What color were her eyes? Did she do the same thing below her eyes? Did she have other eyeshadow on?
Sadie said…
Interesting people, this train folks. Sneak a few pics next time.
Amy A. said…
It's almost like one of those cool car commercials where everything comes together. :)
Unknown said…
Your good at this!