hanging out with Loretta

Okay - NOTHING WAS HANGING OUT. Loretta HAS nothing left to HANG OUT. Loretta is an absolutely beautiful shadow of her former self. (In fact, I may have embarrassed myself as I could not stop marveling at the new Loretta.)
We met at a bistro that I am familiar with but have never been satisfied with.

breakfast spot

NO PROBLEM. Loretta suggested ordering the bread basket with butter and jam and I proceeded to make a complete pig of myself eating it all. Fortunately, Loretta had the sense to order an egg as I'm not sure the BREAD was accessible to her as I was too busy shoving it in my PIE-HOLE.
(I'll settle down now.)


We decided to stroll.
The sun was shining (it hasn't since) and we made our way around the neighborhood looking at this and that. (The jacket she had her eye on at Anthro was really only HALF a jacket - and though she is half her earlier size, NO ONE deserves half a jacket.)


We sniffed lovely scents, we looked at skeletons (she's got that photo) and we even had time for a little snack before we parted.



It's such a lovely thing when blog friends turn into real-life friends too...and I got a present!
Loretta made me this gorgeous box and filled it with shells and rocks from the Cape (because we BOTH love the Cape with the passion of a thousand fiery suns). Close your eyes, bury your face in the box and take a sniff...THE CAPE...THE BEACH...MAYBE EVEN A CLAM ROLL.

chalkboard wall

Loretta is enormously talented, enormously generous - AND no longer enormous!
(Okay, maybe she wasn't exactly enormous, but she was much larger. NO! Not largER, but a different size, okay? ANYWAY.)
We had a lovely, lovely time.

wall of bread

(Yes, it is a wall of bread.)


That One said…
Is that a BEE on that towel in the lower right corner (chalkboard wall photo)? If it is, squee!

If that is not a bee, I'm keeping my squee! for a towel that DOES have a bee on it.
blackbird said…
Looks like a bee to me!
I have a dream. In my dream I'm spending an afternoon looking at lovely things with blackbird and Loretta.

I didn't notice the Bee towel, but I did notice the Ladybug towel.

Beach in a Box! Loretta is a genius!
Anonymous said…
What a grand outing! Thanks for bringing us along--and for taking illegal photos. I've never been in that store, so what a treat.
eurolush said…
I used to be enormous, too. Over six foot seven. But then I stopped teasing my hair.

Now I'm back to 5 foot 4.
Anonymous said…
Oh, illegal!
thrilling ... you risky woman.
Anonymous said…
Lucky Loretta! My husband was near Tuvalu last weekend doing some research for his thesis, and I was so envious I could have spit. I could have visited too.

Pretty Things said…
The wall of bread speaks to me -- pass the butter!
Mary said…
Catching up with blogging friends in real life has been a major thing for me this week..

I am so glad yours was so lovely too..