two years ago

I've got nothing.
Let's look at what I had two years ago.

I love the light in this picture. It was the party we made for my mom's birthday and there was snow outside.

table before meat

I would still LOVE a pair of Koos shoes.

<span class=

Know anyone in Amsterdam who can send me a pair?

window lifted from

Lovely. A mystery as I have no idea where I lifted it from.

Picture 14

Apparently I enjoy looking at shoes in March. Every year.
AND, I clean out the medicine cabinet...

cabinet use

I've done both this past week.

Would I have fashion critique for Ann Hathaway this year?

Picture 13


Picture 1

Why did I upload photos of strollers?
BECAUSE I LOVE THEM...and, also, because two years ago, I cleaned and disassembled my babies stroller and stored it away. I was looking for a picture of it.
This Spring I am delighted to be attending a baby shower for my cousin at which I hope to gaze upon lots of good baby loot.
You remember her, don't you?
Their baby is due in May and I'm off to celebrate in a couple of weeks.

What did I write about two years ago? Survivor and school and my favorite song.


KPB said…
I'm kinda getting freaked out about how I remember you blogging those things back then. Not.a.stalker.

Saoirse said…
Even when you've "got nothing" to post, I enjoy reading your blogs!
Allison said…
That chalkboard is outstanding! As are the Koos, I have never heard of them! I have had so many strollers the last 2 1/2 years, and none that I like. That one looks good!
Anonymous said…
I love the medicine cabinet. I think EVERYONE should post a photo of their medicine cabinet.
MsCellania said…
I remember the wedding photos - I still thought you really were in Tuvalu and was so amazed at the development of the place - didn't they know they'd soon be under water?!
Such a rube...
I parted with my last stroller 2 years ago at Christmas. Tears were shed.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the memories. I am re-lusting after that stroller. And those shoes.

Anonymous said…
OMG, 3 years have gone by already?
Freaky indeed.
A May baby. Like me and someone else I know (wink).
Anonymous said…
I'm pleased to report that our medicine shelf is really clean these days--I had days of purging over the long winter.
Your party table DID look so lovely.
Jennifer said…
Wow I can't believe that's been two years already. Congratulations to your cousin. I remember that post as well. :)

Happy Tuesday BB
The Coffee Lady said…
I know it's something my mother would say, but is Ann Hathaway wearing a dress made out of a curtain?
Anonymous said…
I just got all teary at your cousin's wedding, again. Love, love that she wore her mom's wedding outfit. And it looked simply smashing, too.

Duyvken said…
I wasn't reading Say La Vee back then but I did enjoy visiting your cousin's wedding today. Congrats to them! You will let us know the news won't you? Outer Tuvalu has practically come to a stop now that we know there's a new blackbirder in the wings.
Duyvken said…
oh and prepare yourself for blatant idea theft. That framed blackboard in the dining room is a stroke of genius. Now I just need to figure out if I trust my brothers-in-law not to leave crude drawings and messages on it.
Anonymous said…
Love the photo of your dining room...
Anonymous said…
I had a pair of shoes (from Sears, no less) in the early 1960s that were very much like those Koos shoes. I loved them then and I would love to have some now...