notes from the commute, in which I get news, on the train


K's been working at one particular gig since before Christmas.

the hand shake

He's been discussing a staff position with this company for nearly two years.


Offers have been made during this time...


and benefits discussed...and then, things changed and the economy got worse and we had hard times and easier times and time passed.
But now, it's final. He's in.


He deserves it and I'm so proud and excited and happy, for us. For him.

Of course,


some things never change.


Paula said…
Good news all around!

School, jobs, and now perhaps a replay of an interrupted vacation?

Congratulations to you all!
Anonymous said…
This has been a week of excellent news for the Bird family. Congrats!
NorahS said…
Congratulations! That is great news!
Fannie said…
Looks as though the Blue Bird of Happiness is spending March in Tuvalu! Congrats!
LemonySarah said…
What a great week! Celebrations are in order! Woo hoo!
alice c said…
My heart jumps a beat reading this news. I am so thrilled for you. I think that the planets have aligned over Tuvalu this week.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Julia said…
Fabulous news all around. So glad to hear! Enjoy your wine and weekend!
Poppy Buxom said…




I'm so happy for you

except ..

who's going


cook dinner


(commenting style is old skool bb)
Pearl said…
love the blog, i am bookmarking it!

only the weird angles of your pictures make me feel like woozy :)

let's see if you can figure out which one i am.
Badger said…
Woot! Woot, I say! And pick up TWO bottles of wine. I say that, too.

(Okay, seriously? Blogger's word verifications are SO messing with me today. My wv for this comment is bedrub. I shite thee not. WTF?!)
Eleanor said…
Isn't life grand?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
smalltownmom said…
Congrats to him...and I love the way you ended the post.
Sadie said…
How very bourgeoisie, just like everything else in the life of the bird family. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
You people are on a ROLL! Pick up a quick pick while you're at it.

Amy A. said…
Wow. When it rains it pours!

Two incomes might mean a great vacation this year, or less worry's about middle's tuition, at least. :)

Happy for you.
RW said…
more good news.
and on a friday no less.

happy celebrating.
Anonymous said…
Lots of good stuff in your lives right now! Congratulations.
Oh just the best news - I am so happy for you all!
kt said…
Huzzah! Calloo! Callay! O frabjous day!

And many happy returns of same.

smiling for you over here.

(wv for me is "ingstasi")
Anonymous said…
Cheers! What a great week you've all had. Here's to more of the same~

Anonymous said…
Congratulations on all the good news.

Hard times make you appreciate the good times so much more.
Eliane said…
Wow BB, art school AND career, it's going to be your best spring ever!
What a happy week for your family!
Here's to breathing a little easier!
eurolush said…
Excellent news!

Hope you drank that bottle of wine together...
cary perk said…
Fabulous news!
Congrats to all!
Carol said…
So happy for your family. What a relief.

word ver. likeu
Anonymous said…
I am so happy for you and your family.
Susie Sunshine said…
2009: Year of the Blackbirds!
Anonymous said…
Chiming in late to say that I'm extra happy for all of you. I might have to pick up a decent bottle of wine too, in your honor, to help celebrate.

jo said…
Congratulations on everything! I can't believe how much wonderful news in just a short time.
I tip my glass to you all..
Ali said…
A very very good thing.
Julie said…
I love this post.
Congrats on all of the good news lately...

and now I am wondering what type of phone you have :)
Tuli said…
Team blackbird is on a ROLL! Fantastic news for K. :)
Schmutzie said…
You guys are in the middle of a happiness windfall! Lovely.