Let's take a little walk through the Urban Dictionary, shall we?

I puffy-heart love the Urban Dictionary.
Of course, I can't walk around dropping Urban Dictionary bombs, as it were, or my children would die of embarrassment. But, as I lay here with my throat burning with PAIN, I can amuse myself with some of the definitions which I have cut and pasted and made into photos on my flickr photostream cause that's HOW I ROLL. (See? Groovy already.)

Picture 2

My "bagside" is on the left. I carry a crossbody bag - "crossbody" being another important term I learned from a different reference site: Zappos.

Picture 3

The opposite of Skinny Jeans!

Picture 4

It's one thing when this happens in the privacy of your own home...when it happens in the office? Not good.

Picture 7

While I can testify to having Mall Feet, I can also vouch for another ailment: Shopper's Kvetch. SK is when you've spent too much time and money at the mall and nothing seems right anymore. Coupled with various minor physical complaints it spells the end of a shopping trip.

Picture 8

...Not that I would KNOW from experience...or anything.

Picture 9

I've known some coin wankers in my day.

Picture 10

And I've known some of these too...

Picture 11

I need to fly somewhere so I can drop that one into conversation.

Sorry Urban Dictionary contributors, my kids have been saying this one for YEARS -

Picture 12

Allrightallrightallrightallright - I don't wanna be wastin yo minutes...

Picture 13

You can also read me here today...


Spruce Hill said…
*laughing and holding my sides*

My favorites are kitchenheimer's and twitterrhea! Heh
Anonymous said…
bb, you are so cool and the gang.

Anonymous said…
...and hot like the sun
alice c said…
I want somebody to walk into my office RIGHT NOW so that I can tell them they are wasting my minutes.
Duyvken said…
BB, I love these, coin wanking, wastin my minutes, kitchenheimers - they're all excellent. I haven't looked through the urban dictionary but now I MUST LOOK.
Amy A. said…
I, too, will use wastin' my minutes on someone tomorrow, and then blind transfer them to top it all off.

Be better!
Amy A. said…
P.S. I've got green eyes. I'll have to try those tricks.
Scot said…
bitch please, if I thought you was wastin my minutes i wouldn't blog on! :o)

hey, my secret word is mahint
Anonymous said…
I am happy to finally be able to put a name to a couple of things, namely bagside and coin wanking. (That latter is one of the male species' more annoying habits.)

But I can't wait to drop, "Don't be wastin' my minutes" on somebody...
Ree said…
I'm so telling Mr. Hot he has Kitchenheimers. Hee.
robiewankenobie said…
I once seatbacked my retainer. True story.
Eleanor said…
The Commentbox family has its own dictionary, and I've been recording our own words. Certainly not as urban-cool as your selection, but here's an example:

"The theory of relativitea" - The false belief that inviting relatives for tea-time will ensure that they will not stay for dinner.
Eleanor said…
"Eggistential angst" -

The feeling of dread one gets after having promised 6 children french toast, only to discover that there is only one egg in the fridge.
Eleanor said…
"Aunty-social behaviour"

An aunt’s inability to stop kissing and hugging her nieces and nephews, despite the knowledge that this is not always appreciated.
Eleanor said…
I'll stop now.
Angie said…
Look up 'crop dusting' and see if you snort with laughter like a 12 year ld boy.
These are awesome. I'm so out-of-date, the last thing I heard of was prairie-dogging and I'm not sure it means the same thing anymore.

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