I'm all over the place

saltine closeup

Did you notice they've made the holes in saltines bigger?

through a saltine

Look! You can see my laptop through them.

Spring is, uh, springing in Tuvalu.


The markets have forsythia and hyacinth and the air feels warm and K is nearly done with his Spring Project. Youngest IM'd me today to tell me it was beautiful out.

I'm itching to wear spring clothes -

skirt and top

other skirt and top

Do you think it's odd that I am drawn to the tags inside some of my clothing as much as I like the outfits themselves?

<span class=

My leggings.

little yellow button


<span class=

A dress.

You know what's really good?

gratin 2

big fat steaks

Potato leek gratin and some big fat steaks.

Told you.
I'm all over the place.


PaulaG said…
And yet you wear a size small?
RW said…
I like that blue shirt. I am going to check out our saltines. We are still waiting for the warmer days.
smalltownme said…
Got a recipe for that potato dish?
I'm sure the Saltines People decided to make the size of the holes bigger, instead of making the packages smaller. Then we don't notice that we get less cracker goodness for our money.

If they are in my house I eat them for breakfast and lunch until the box is empty.

Cute outfits.
MsCellania said…
The very best part was the message from Youngest. I puffy heart your sons.
Anonymous said…
Great post, and I love all these bb-life details. I also hope that your throat is feeling better and that you are now just at the stage of your voice sounding husky and sexy. That's always fun.

Anonymous said…
Mmmm. I am so glad you eat steak occasionally, don't know why, it just does. I second the request for the potato leek recipe.

Heh. My verification word is "anthyliz" -- how appropriate for your blog!
Liz said…
I like the 2nd skirt. Where did you get it?
Liz said…
Oh never mind, i found it myself. U should have known, one of my favorite stores. :P
barbra said…
I have noticed that the clothes at
Anthro tend to have really neat tags.
Anonymous said…
Are your boys allowed to text from school? Where I teach, no cell phones allowed.
blackbird said…
Hey, Sadie, how's about an email address?

No - technically, the boys are not allowed to text from school - and Youngest texted me from home. He's pretty serious about school rules. But Middle has a lot of free school periods and I'm guessing he does some texting during them.
Anonymous said…
One of my friend's father's nickname was Pinkerton. Made me smile.
Potato leek gratin. Drooling. Steak, a little less.
Anonymous said…
Damn...I used to get in trouble for clothing on the floor - you're such a rebel!

The holes in cheerios got bigger also. So far, little chocolate donuts are safe. I'll keep testing, so y'all don't have to!

That potato dish does look tasty.
Caterina said…
I haven't been reading your blog in awhile and now I'm wondering why the hell did I stray away? Because you are the best blogger eh-ver.

Spring time around my neck of the woods means an onset of tourists and spring breakers ;)

Love your outfits.
Anonymous said…
If the holes are bigger then your vegemite will ooze through. Not good.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for bringing us along!