good news and bad news and random

The good news, in my opinion, is that, apparently, I'm going to do this week's posts in photos.
The bad news? This post will cover Wednesday AND Thursday. (Though I will do a Survivor recap, which is on on WEDNESDAY but which I will post on FRIDAY. Are you following me here?)

Here's the random:

I bought a pair of beautiful black ballet flats when? last year? Well, they came with a special advisory which stated that I might not want to wear them outdoors. Sheesh, I thought - it's not like I GO outside a whole lot - I'll just keep them. Lovely, delicate...they are already showing wear and will not survive the spring and summer at work and will need to be replaced. Have I mentioned I'm not sure about wearing sandals to an office? I'm not. Some options:

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Nice. Slightly boring.


Same shoes. Not black. Must they be black? Couldn't one make a NEW NEUTRAL?

<span class=

Too shiny? Too strange in the toe area? Flimsy sole? Too many questions.

<span class=


huge sandwich

Will you look at the size of this sandwich. Youngest requested cheese steaks which amazes me as he doesn't like cheese and doesn't eat steak - but there you are.
THEN we had my mom over for her birthday. We had a little cheese board first -


followed by fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. FOLLOWED BY chocolate peanut butter pie the likes of which could lay you flat.

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It was best eaten with a big glass of milk.

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We watched us some Antiques Roadshow too. We love to watch and yell at the screen when we hear how much things are worth. This particular dresser was worth 20 to 30 thousand dollars. SOLD we yelled.

both <span class=

I completed the BIG logic puzzle AND the little logic puzzle AND the crossword puzzle in the newspaper yesterday. This is a feat. My pal, and fellow assistant, JRS is holding the photographic evidence for me.

Middle has been working physics equations on the whiteboard over his bed. He is a genius too.


This problem involved dropping a feather and a hammer on the moon and he worked it out for FUN.

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We need some physics on the Wheat Thin front as well. THEY'VE MADE THE HOLES BIGGER.

A friend invited me to "go walking" with her yesterday at lunch time. This is where I found myself...

wee house

a wee, tiny, three room house in between tall buildings.

<span class=

It was full of cheap antiques. It was hidden. It was amazing.

<span class=

Milk glass and dishes and pictures and mirrors and a basket of sewing notions that would have made Wendy happy.

blurry poem

I tried to get a shot of this picture - alas, it's blurry. Suffice to say that it was a priceless poem about all the things our mothers give us and THEN they die and leave us alone. I should have noted how much it was as it was PRICELESS.

Antiques aren't for me, though. I'd like a set of these:

<span class=

$48 Muji cardboard folding speakers. For my iPod, for the kitchen, for my office. For Mother's Day?

I'm watching House. He's talking on his cell phone in front of someone else and says: this thing gets better reception when you're not here. House is a bit of a genius too.


Eliane said…
Haha, my first boyfriend made me cardboard speakers, but that was 1977!
Allison said…
Oooh, I would love to be able to read that poem about Mothers. The wheat thins conspiracy must be like my Pampers conspiracy--76 diapers in a box of size 6s as opposed to the 80 in a box in 2008. ARGH. Please oh please post the PB pie recipe!
Last night at dinner (Fish chowder) we looked at things through the holes of Saltines.

I guess Youngest has entered the teenage boy stage of eating 8000 calories a day. Didn't your other boys have a year of growing 6 inches while only gaining 6 pounds?
Anonymous said…
Personally, I hate the flats with the little bows on the front, but then my feet are much larger than yours.

Have you folks ever tried muffalettas? Only a once-a-year kind of sandwich, but it strikes me that it might be up your alley.

Love that your family thinks via scribbling on walls. And physics is the poetic science, I think.

Anonymous said…
Love antique roadshow, me and my husband do the same thing! haha

I love reading your posts, you are so fun to read!

I recently started a blog myself, I hope you check it out ;)
Anonymous said…
You know me, I'd pick the turquoise ones.
That sandwich is larger than Youngest himself. I guess he's slightly changing his taste in food?
Yum, that cheese board is so inviting.
Anonymous said…
I think someone should just give you those speakers in honor of Any Day, on account of your being anti-Mother's Day. Plus, it's sort of far away. And I think you should keep looking for new ballet flats. Maybe I will send you some links.

Amy A. said…
It's Stuart Little's house!

For the record, I like the blue flats.
Wendy said…
You know me well. I gasped at the milk glass, even before I read my name. I have the candlesticks on the left. They belonged to my grandmother.

Keep your eyes open for a package...
Anonymous said…
I thought that phone looked suspect, especially when I noticed those three letters...RCA. Maybe look for some flats in a buttery beige-y neutral?
Mary said…
I love the turquoise too but hard to wear with colours other than white ...

That antiques shop - the bliss..
Duyvken said…
I wore silver ballet flats last year.


They did not survive the constant wearing though.

This year I am looking for a black pair.

I will probably wear them constantly as well.
smalltownme said…
Re neutral shoes? I consider leopard a neutral and wear my la plume leopard slides with almost anything.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful comfort-food birthday party.

Your puzzle solving ability is truly an inspiring feat.

And I'm loving House. I have been watching all of the syndicated re-runs from my hotel room every week.

...and(!) what is a six-letter word for the act of adding a new ending to a verb?


(It's also my word verification)
kt said…
Is the pie recipe share-able? Or find-able on the interwebs?
Caterina said…
Happy Birthday to your mum!

I vote (are we voting?) on the slightly boring black shoe. What does that say about me?

And I think the white board is very cool.
BabelBabe said…
I have a pair of red Mary Janes I wear as a neutral. But then the rest of my wardrobe is black, grey, and brown.

I love the physics white board. I think I just fell a little bit in love with your son. In a non-icky sort of way.
Anonymous said…
Man, this post made me hungry.
MsCellania said…
Ah, I love strolling through your photos.
Blizzard-y here today. It's nice. Snowed in with a refrigerator full of food, a dogbert who loves the snow, and two little boys who love Wii. And me, with tea and a book! And a fireplace!
Wish your mama Happy Belated Birthday from me. The Grand Dame with Style. I hope she is continuing to enjoy her retirement.
Geggie said…
I quite like the blue shoes. I bought a pair of metallic purple ballet shoes last year and wore then constantly with everything!

I'm going to be in Tuvalu next month -- alone, on business? Email me?
Mulberry Market said…
Blackbird..please please tell me where that little bitty house is. I am in NYC all the time mostly uptown but would love love to visit. I love the little back garden and alley way houses in the village.
If I have begged enough and you feel like sharing my e-mail is

Julie said…
This morning... as I was walking to the bus in the rain, in my old old old old black flats... I said to myself, "You need new black flats".

Let me know if you've found any good ones. And yes those are too shiny.

I used to do Physics for fun also- I even took part in this weekend physics course at Yale, I liked Physics so much. Maybe that's why I became a Philosophy major...
Those shoes look gorgeous, real classic staples! I particularly like the green ones.