for my friends at work

Hi new crowd!
How funny are you - asking me about "K" in the hallways?! Funny!
I hope you are all having a great weekend- full of movies and drinks dates with friends and gallery visits and dinners out and shopping with your different our lives are!
What am I doing?
Well, let's see - as yesterday was my mom's birthday (Hi Mom! Sorry I didn't call! Sick as a DOG! Barely made it through my work day!) we are going to be making her some dinner on Sunday. It's going to be fried chicken (K will make that) and we'll have chocolate peanut butter pie (my half of the effort).
But let's not get ahead of ourselves...there's lots of exciting stuff to do before dinner on Sunday!
(cue dreamy music and soft focus)
The dog has been under the weather, you see, and we are going to rent one of those carpet cleaning machines and do the living room rug! (I believe I mentioned this to you, co-workers, when you were kind enough to enquire about my weekend plans.) K will move the furniture and I'll vacuum and then shampoo. If I can bear to touch it, I'll wash the dog's bed too.
I need to re-do the mantle-scape - that's JUST LIKE visiting a gallery, right? I'm noticing that Youngest's snow pants are still hanging over the fireplace - giving the room a ski-lodge feel, decoratively speaking.
I'll probably have some laundry running during all this. (Note to regular readers: everyone pitched in and did their own laundry while I was sick! I know how proud you'll all be.)
I am in desperate need of socks and underwear and K threw out two shirts this week (don't frown, charities don't like shirts with the elbows torn/sewn/torn again) - am thinking of heading out to see if I can dig up any replacements and hoping Youngest will agree to join me. Quality time with the kids!

Okay - enough about my fascinating weekend plans.
I'm sitting here looking at the dust and dog hair!
Oh! I nearly forgot! We MIGHT, K and I, take in a movie - IN THE THEATER!

I'll keep you posted.




KPB said…
DUDE we - as in Chef, Mum, my brother and I - spent about FIVE if not SIX hours cleaning out our garage today.

No galleries, cafes, theatres, drink dates or dinner engagements over here, just DIY pest control and junk eradication.

HI Blackbird co-workers. SO jealous you have her in the flesh. Can you give her a hug and just stand really close to her for me. She loves that.
Eleanor said…

So let me get this straight.

Your co-workers have only just STARTED to read your blog, and YET they know your REAL NAME and they know WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE.


They get a personalised post addressed to them. Directly.

It's just.not.right.
I'm planning to sleep, then take a nap, then call in to work to see if they need me to close tonight, then sleep some more.

zzzz under the influence of muscle relaxers zzzzz

Have fun shopping and rug cleaning.
RW said…
Snowpants, boots, boards, all of these are going away this weekend.

I wonder what movie?

We have a french project on the go and the laundry seems to be stalled.

Enjoy your weekend.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, they ARE lucky bastards, those co-workers.
Look, dear Bb, our life is exactly like yours, no museums, no movies, no dinner, no cocktails. Just laundry, cooking, washing and blah blah all the rest.
It's called family life. But don't you love it? I do.
BTW me and hubby also split cooking like you, he's into entrées and I'm in for hors d'oeuvres and desserts, works wonders (you would know if you could've enjoyed it while here!)
We're ARE proud of your men, and you know it.
Badger said…
I feel your co-workers should know that you're not usually this exclamation-pointy as well. I think maybe you caught that from me, along with the throat thing.

OMG, I kid you not: word verification is oxidog. I think the blogger gods are telling you to pick up some Oxiclean along with that rug shampoo.
Liz said…
yep laundry here too, it is piling up. and dinner with parents later.
Anonymous said…
Co-workers-meh. They are indeed lucky. Here's hoping none of them take your picture and post it on the web or anything.

I noticed lots of exlamation points today too. : )

Well, I am at work on this particular Saturday with no glamorous afternoons or evenings in the city in sight, today, tomorrow or really, in the near or distant future. I agree with Paola. It's family life. But thank god I don't have a dog added to the mix. I don't blame you for not being its biggest fan.
Anonymous said…
jbhat, btw
Amy A. said…
You must be feeling a little better if you have all that carpet cleaning mojo.

Maybe you've inspired me to do a little housework. Or maybe I'll just sit on the couch for awhile. We'll see.

Hi co-workers!
Anonymous said…
Well, my weekend is not half as exciting as yours. I'm going to be sitting on my butt with my work laptop and plowing through all the work that I don't have time to do.

Is it sunny outside? I think I was out there for ten minutes whilst the dog attacked the rake as I tried to clean up the winter mess.
Unknown said…
Boring = less stressful, which sounds mighty appealing to me right now.

It's a good life you've got there--the envy of many. Well, definitely me, at the very least!

Continue feeling better!
alice c said…
Shopping = Retail Therapy
(even if you are just buying socks)
Cleaning = Blessing the Home
(even if you are only detoxing the rug)
Reordering mantlepiece = Artistic Expression
(even if only relocating ski pants)

You need to upgrade your Domestic Management Language.
Anonymous said…
My weekend so far has been remarkably like yours. Laundry, a couple little errands, and washing the bedding because the dog had an accident in the bed. It's a good life, really, no one shooting at me, enough to eat, hot and cold running animals after which to clean up.
Miz S said…
Oh God I would HATE having my coworkers read my blog. I like to keep Blog Life and Real Life separate.

Unless Susie Sunshine comes to town, and then all bets are off.
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to hear about the movie (if you were able to go). Our local theater just lowered their prices, thankfully, so we've been able to take in a few flicks with the girls. But no popcorn -- still an arm and a leg!
Jennifer said…
Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom.. Chocolate Peanut butter pie sounds like heaven!

Sorry you and the doggy were under the weather. I hope you're all better now?

I'm thinking that my kitchen floor will never be "clean" sigh.