the week that was

That was a doozy.

In bullets:

  • Mycoplasma Pneumonia is the upshot of our trip to the ER last Sunday. Except it wasn't caught then, so Youngest and I (from work) spent Sunday to Wednesday trying to figure out why he wasn't getting better. He's better now.
  • Power Point. I told you I'd have to learn it and BAM, I needed it and wasn't ready. Thank heavens for an extraordinarily helpful co-worker who came to my rescue. I will be mastering the Power Point, nay, DOMINATING the Power Point, ASAP (and I do pronounce that ay-sap). I'm better now.
  • The State Of The Union address at my company's meeting this week. See above notes on the evil Power Point.
  • Ice Ice Baby. Tuvalu is one giant sheet of it. I have had to cling to K's sleeve whilst commuting. Am weary of it.
  • The cost of lunch. I'm going to have to resolve to bring a sandwich from home once or twice a week.
  • Being in the office before 8am. See above notes on the State Of the Union address.
  • I'm getting tired of wearing so many clothes to work to stay warm.
  • No word from The College Of Middle's Choice.