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Oooh, yesterday, I was lucky enough to have a few minutes to wrap myself up in one of these. I was lucky enough to do so after having lunch with one of the members of 2X2 designs - and I'm here to tell you, if you have any notion of saving your pennies for something stunningly luxurious, head here. The throws are the perfect size to wear as a shawl - I'm only saying.

It looks like I will be attending Blogher. I've been writing for Blogher for quite a while now, so it makes some sense...but, I guess what I'm saying is, I am making plans to attend Blogher. In fact, Poppy and I have been discussing doing some kind of Beautyhack symposium. Yeah, I think we discussed doing full-body masks. Can that be? Maybe we were a little drunk.

We had the groceries delivered last week. We paid $6.00 for that luxury. I sort of figured $6.00 for an hour of my time was worth it. I'm sure, if I do a little research, I will discover that the groceries are more expensive - but I'm ignoring that for now. In the meantime, I've taken to bringing my lunch every once in a while as it's expensive to buy every day.

production line

My pb & j has cherry jelly.

It is eight degrees here as I type this. Eight. Pulling together a wardrobe for work is one thing - pulling together a wardrobe for work when it is below ten degrees can be challenging. I wear layers. Many many layers. And, today, I'm wearing a haramaki.

<span class=

This particular haramaki has a little pocket in which one puts a hand-warmer packet. I wore it between layers but I have a couple that are fancy enough to wear over a layer, in plain sight.

K does the dishes

Just when I think the chores around the house will overwhelm me, K rises to the occasion and takes up the slack. And, believe me when I say: there is plenty of slack to be taken. Up.

pen damage

Not a bruise. A pen! When was the last time a pen EXPLODED on you? I'll bet you were six, or ten. I was on the phone at work AND sending an email AND writing something ALL AT THE SAME TIME when I looked down and saw ink everywhere. I managed to contain the spill pretty well but, really? A pen?

shoe box bright

Hello, Jeffrey Campbell...what's this? New SHOES?!


Tough to get a picture of.

beauty shot


I think -


they're keepers. (With minimal toe cleavage.)

The clue: Bob Cratchit's occupation.
My answer:

crossword fail



It's okay. I'm working in pencil now.


Badger said…
Okay, I like the shoes 10,000 times better on you than I did on the model. They are NOT bad.

Clerd = nerdy clerk. I've known a few.
Poppy B. said…
I had trouble with the NAACPImageAwards. That was a long one, and I'd never heard of them. What am I, white or something? Sheesh! What an ignoramus.

I like the shooz better on you, too. Maybe you should become a foot model!
NorahS said…
I love your randomness. Those shoes are great! They look very nice.
Anonymous said…
I will admit that when I saw the shoes at first I said "bleah" but on you? A WORLD difference! Incredible. You have better feet/ankles than a model. Do you realize that? That is way hard to pull off. Complimenti.
Anonymous said…
Shoes are v. is haramaki with kangaroo pouch.
smalltownme said…
LOVE the shoes on you!
RW said…
I agree - the shoes are lookin' good.
where are you in that photo with the brick wall - modeling the haramaki - are those blankets to your left?

I try and take my lunch most days... there are these little tetrapacks of soup ... the perfect amount - microawaved with some crackers... good for cold days...

Layers are essential. I am mocked for how many layers I wear...
Anonymous said…
I like those new shoes much more than I thought I would...and hooray for PB&J!
Anonymous said…
Having groceries delivered = an affordable luxury. Good for you. The shoes are great! Minimal toe cleavage; perfect.
Anonymous said…
What a fun post. And you were so happy about your amazing new shoes that you were jumping up and down on your bed--super cute.

MsCellania said…
cute shoosies! Meh on the model, tasty on the bb.
Mary said…
Yep - I am loving the shoes too.

Our family adores peanut butter and jam sandwiches - they can't take them to school though because of kids with nut allergies.

Sometimes I amaze myself with the randomness of the information I share with you.
Anonymous said…
I love the shoes! They might be good for my slender feet and skinny ankles. Love reading you everyday....
barbra said…
The shoes look great on you! I thought they were too big for the model and that's why she was showing all the toe cleavage... it appears I was right this time!

The kids prefer strawberry pb & j; I go for raspberry instead. Perhaps I shall try cherry.
Anonymous said…
They do look cute on you! And the $6 grocery delivery is the bargain of the year and no, the groceries are NOT more expensive, I've been doing it for 5 years and it is a lifesaver
Anonymous said…
Damn! I just finished a really good salad. I was feeling self-rightously healthy, now I want a PBJ. I know you like your Polaner All Fruit but you really gotta try Smucker"s Red Plum Jam. Sooooo Good and not so sweet.
Right now I don't think bread or crackers are up to the job of being a good peanut butter dilivery system. Anybody got any good ideas?
Anonymous said…
I had never heard of a haramaki, but am now wondering - if wrapping up that bit of you keeps you very toasty in the cold would exposing that bit of your body keep you very cool when it's hot?

Just wondering because maybe some of those girls I see at the shopping centre are onto something...
Eleanor said…
The shoes - fabulous.

The jam - Kim made a new batch of her plum jam today. Just thought you should know. Once you taste her jam, you cannot ever eat any other jam ever again.

That's it.
Duyvken said…
I love the sandwich assembly line!

And I think I've already covered that I love those shoes.
Duyvken said…
I checked out the Free People website.

Oh my.

I want everything.

Saoirse said…
On YOU, the shoes look fantastic! (not so much on the model)
Miz S said…
Everything has been said already. So I am just saying...hi, honey.
alice c said…
I have never heard of a haramaki. I lead such a sheltered life that it is just as well I read your blog to expand my horizons.
littlemissme said…
Oh oh oh, I neeeeeeeed those shoes. Your tiny bit of toe cleavage looks lovely.

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