rattling around in my head

Let's see...
I've got the Style section sitting in front of me - much to discuss THERE.
I stayed up extra late last night to see Oscar De La Renta's fashion show last night - need to talk about that and the other designs I liked.
Am sick - no big deal but definitely ANNOYING.
Have had a very tumultuous couple of weeks at work, but in an interesting way, not a BAD way.
Are going to W's house for dinner tonight - W's sweetheart is in from Paris and has brought treats to eat - should be NICE.
I've got a score of photos from LAST weekend - we had dinner with Australian friends and they had just returned from Panama (I KNOW) and she had purchased a dozen or so MOLAS.
I mean to write a short diatribe on my HAIR - I have given the new French hair stylist two tries. Sadly, two weeks after he cuts it, my hair looks like someone has placed a foreign object on my head.

What am I doing instead of hashing these things out?
Instead of vacuuming?
(Though there IS laundry going.)

At least I've listed it all now.
More later.


Chris said…
A French stylist, ooo la la :).

I go once a year for a haircut (which I donate) to the $12 haircutting place. 10 inches wacked off, traight across at the shoulders. I am so unstylish...
Amy A. said…
I'm still growing out my "texture". Yikes.

Is there a proper way to audition hairstylists? If I don't like someone at a particular salon I never go back to the same place because I don't want to hurt the first stylists feelings.
jordi said…
I think you have been rattling around in MY head also, but replace exciting Australians with how to move furniture..sigh. I should post, I just am having a dry spell... glad you are doing it for me though!!!
Mary said…
Say "non" to the French stylist.

Fascinated by molas (never heard of them before).

Australian friends?

Report on Paris treats please.

I see your list and raise it by mine..
tut-tut said…
Hope you get to take a sick day on Monday!
I learned about beautiful MOLAS today. Thank You.

When I'm sitting around and laundry is going, I count that as getting something accomplished.
KPB said…
sitting around is good. With a glass of vino and some nice cheeses as accessories is even better.

I had a French hairdresser - until I said to him I wanted a change and did not want to look like all the other Mosman mothers - so naturally he gave me the quintessential Mosman Mum Bob. That was the end of that.
KPB said…
Am also deeply envious of your Australian friends. Wishing it was ME ME ME.

And who goes to PANAMA! How exotic!
Pretty Things said…
And I say "Good day sir!" to the hair stylist. Two times is more than enough torture. I'm fighting that right now.
Pretty Things said…
OH! And speaking of style, I'm still freaking out over Posh Spice's $114,000 hand bag. I had to write about it. I'm still gobsmacked.
Suse said…
Ok so Mary, Kim and I are all deeply envious that you are not having dinner with US your Australian friends.

Also, I am giggling at the idea of you with a foreign object on your head.

ps. word verif is dindiblo which of course is Australian for "Get better soon"
Anonymous said…
I went to a new stylist recently, too. She was so put together, confident, hip, great hair. She even had a streak of THE perfect shade of mauve through her jet black, shiny hair.

A week later, and I'm thinking, hmmm, I should of asked who HER stylist was.

Anonymous said…
I lived in Panama for 2 1/2 years '85-'87. Have I told you that already? I think I have.

Okay. Carry on.
Miz S said…
Us working stiffs need some sitting around time on the weekend.