a question for you, dear readers

Why, when you are kind enough to leave me a comment (Julie Bradshaw or Liz of A Mom's Insanity - for example) do you not list an email address SOMEPLACE so that I can respond?

You are such nice people and you are leaving interesting comments...how can I converse with you?

No kidding, folks, I am doing a blog feasibility study at work and the very first rule in blogging, as I see it, is to HAVE A CONVERSATION.
If I can't find your email address on your profile or your blog, I CANNOT HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH YOU.

Thus ends my little rant.

Am I the only one out here who wants to talk?


Anonymous said…
I'll tell you, readers, that it just makes my day when blackbird sends me an email. Makes my day.

robiewankenobie said…
I love our little chats!
Julie Bradshaw said…
It feels kind of funny to be called out on a blog I read regularly but rarely comment on. Made me smile. :) I don't think I realized that I didn't have my email address on my blogger profile, but I've rectified that now. Happy blogging!
Eleanor said…
Well...you KNOW that I'm all about the commentbox. I like the conversations I have had (and have) via email, but that's private emailing...not blogging. I think of blogging as a public forum, and I have the most fun when commentboxes refer to other commentboxes within the same post.

I generally almost never email people and have been very surprised to see how many bloggers have permanent apologetic text on their blog such as "I try really hard to get back to everyone but sometimes I'm just too busy." That's a hell of a lot of pressure.

On the other hand, blogging which leads to meeting other bloggers in person / communicating on a regular basis long-distance as friends...that's the attainable ideal.

P.S. Almost forgot... those shoes in the previous post are adorable, but that style INSTANTLY makes my calves double in size and my legs halve in length. Heartbreaking really.
smalltownmom said…
I don't reply to every comment (because where would that end?) but sometimes a comment really strikes me and I'd like to reply... and then I see the no-reply@blogger address and get a little sad. With some sleuthing I have found a few addresses....

But the reply builds friendships. So there you go.
Scot said…
I wasn't going to reply, but the secret word is OUCKS.
How could I not add my 2 cents?
The tortillas I always buy are the same price but now there's only 10 instead of 12. AND THAT OUCKS!
This year each box of Girl Scout Cookies will contain 2 or 4 COOKIES less than it did last year!
Seems like this whole day OUCKS!
Its monday - part 2
Sadie said…
I agree with Eleanor. I like blog convo to take place in the comment box, for all readers to see. In my opinion, blogs are for building community, not facilitating personal emails.
Liz said…
Oops. sorry, I stopped blogging, removed email from my blog. It is back now.
The Guider said…
Well, I talk to the person via the comment box and if we want to continue off the blog, we swap addresses then.
Molly said…
I get annoyed by this, too! But I don't use blogger and I don't remember if I have a blogger identity or how all of that works so half the time I don't even know if I am leaving my email or not! Then there is the email/blog debate. Which should I leave? And then I usually just get fed up and don't leave anything!
I've really enjoyed enabling the thing which email me when a new comment comes in. Then if it needs responding to I can do that usually by email ( I suspect you know of this button).

I have never worried too much about responding to comments in the comment box - I love comments but assume after two years of blogging people know I don't usually respond in the comments section.

Getting an email every now and then from someone is divine!! Someone called bb...
Duyvken said…
And blog conversations are lovely. Although it did take me a while to start commenting on blogs. I don't know why I felt weird about it because now I love to hear from people.
And I love that you are doing a blog feasibility study at work. Do they know that you are a blogger or are you working 'undercover'?
I always wonder if I should respond in the comments section of my blog or by e-mail?
RW said…
Sometimes - you might want to leave a more indepth response - that is where email is good -

Are you going to share the results of your blog feasibility study?
eurolush said…
Blog feasibility study?

I think reading other people's comments is as much fun as reading the blog post.

And I also get excited when I see a blackbird in my email inbox.

WV is polisalo. I love it when my WV sounds Italian.
Joan said…
Blackbird, I will talk to you any time. :o)

Of course, I talk to people in the stalls next to me in public bathrooms, too (as did my mother and grandmother, as does my five-year-old daughter - it's who we are, as extroverted Southern women) but DON'T take that to mean that I consider you as common as the pee-er next door. You "introduced" me to Melinda, for which I am eternally grateful, and I am a fan of your writing and your style, so chat away!
barbra said…
Eleanor and Sadie just said what I was going to say! I love to read people's comments on the blogs I read, and love it when the blogger replies to them in the comments. I recently realized that in order for both the later readers and the original commenter to see the reply, I probably should send an email response and then paste it in the comment box. Do both, in other words.
Poppy Buxom said…
I like to keep the commentary in the comment boxes. I feel like that Mike Myers character on Coffee Talk. "Talk amongst yourselves."

Although I am always surprised and delighted when a blogger responds to one of my comments with an email.

So I guess I'm a big hypocrite because I can't be arsed to email a response to every single comment.

My excuse is that I'm working hard enough coming up with actual blog posts.

Also, how come with some people I can click and get an email address, and with others it's that bloggernoreply thing?


Also, has anyone else noticed that the word verification words have become much easier to type?

Finally, am I finished hijacking bird's comment box?

I guess so.
Eleanor said…
Eurolush has cracked me up YET AGAIN. How, oh how, does the gal do it each and every time??!!!!!

Her commentboxes come with a laugh track!!!

Oh! Just got a GREAT idea bb! What do you think of hosting a commentbox standup comedy competition? You tell people in advance that you will post a challenge on a certain day & time, then you see who can come in with the funniest comment (in the fastest time too?). Oh! You could have a panel of judges, in INTERNATIONAL panel of judges...but you would have the ultimate veto power. Of course.

And now I am officially late for work. Commentbox addiction.
When I leave a comment on a blog I'm not nec looking for a reply & certainly don't expect an email reply - altho' if I happen to get one... cool. If I happen to come upon a reply in the comments section cool again. But really I usually comment and forgetaboutit. If I have a question that I'd like to hear an answer on, I'll usually email the blogger directly.
Just for your blog study and all.
And Scot, our tortilla of choice went from 20 to 16. I feel your pain.
Back to your regularly scheduled program. :)
Robin (not Kayleigh this time)
No it's not a personality disorder; it's a sharing of blog thing... and a blog that desperately needs to be fixed. badly.
alice c said…
A 'Blog Feasibility Study'...by someone who has been writing a blog for 4 years...you have got to be jesting me...Surely there is only one feasible conclusion....
islaygirl said…
i love bb's responses to my comments SO much. they're like a hug.
I am so bad about email...I'm learning though.
Major Bedhead said…
I like it when bloggers respond via email because I often forget to go back and check for the combox conversation (I read a lot of blogs). And my email should come up if you click on my id. At least, I hope it does....
Anonymous said…
I'm just going to comment that my word verification in moronh. How rude (but funny) is that?
Anonymous said…
Of course, when you type "in" for "is", maybe the wv fits. Yes, yes, it's moronh again. Oh, pardon me, lumbo. Ahem.
laura said…
I'm also guilty of not posting an email address. Please don't think me rude it's partially a shy thing but I'm also awful at responding to email. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day.

PS I adore the shoes you brought

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