okay, I'm going to get some Natural Instincts

Today I'm going to talk about Oscar De La Renta.
I told you that I waited up to see his runway show on television the other night.
It did not disappoint.
I had a great time watching it and wondering what kind of women wear his clothes, which are the ultimate in luxury.
(My photos on this post and the one about J. Mendel were lifted from Style.com and I invite you to go there and enjoy all of the wonderful things they've been posting about this past week.)

coat and boots

It may look like it's just a coat and boots - but you can be sure that the boots are the softest leather and that the fabric of the coat is indescribably lush.


Perhaps you'd like your coat a little more luxe?

Maybe you're in the mood for a cardi and skirt - for the office?

skirt and <span class=

Beautiful, yes - and De La Renta can kick it up a notch.

skirt and <span class=

But, to me, this isn't why you buy something that Oscar De La Renta has designed. The real reason to swoon is his evening wear...


black lace

...a little woozy...

<span class=

- slightly out of breath.

<span class=


And, what did this master of fashion say, when interviewed at the end of his show?


Every day I try to do my best.

How lovely is that?


Badger said…
I can totally see Poppy in some of that stuff, can't you?
Julia said…
I was just thinking that the collection looked like it might suit Mrs. Obama too! Really pretty wearable compared to lots of runway fashion don't you think?
smalltownme said…
I wish I could wear clothes like that. Wow.
Poppy B. said…
The closest I've gotten to de la Renta's clothes is seeing them modeled at fashion shows. These still pictures are fabulous, but to really get it, you need to see his stuff in motion.

And that second little black dress--the black lacy one? Is TO DIE FOR.
Anonymous said…
Ohhhhhh, I'm right with ya Poppy. I am in LOVE with that.
THe gown instead, I picture it on SJP, she's a de la Renta regular.

WF trublepr. IS it trying to tell me something? My initials are PR (!)
Fannie said…
This is one of the few things that makes me soryy I am not FILTHY RICH.
Fannie said…
It also makes me sorry that I can't SPELL/TYPE!
Anonymous said…
Wow. The models' hairdos I can do without. But look at Mr. de la Renta. He's impeccable! What a talent.

Anonymous said…
Oh my. That evening wear. If I was rich he'd be my stylist.
Liz said…
The little black dress? DAMN! So simple, yet so very Audrey Hepburn. and the shoes? Love it. I will probably never wear them, just put on my shoe rack and admire.
Soft Rock Mama said…
Lovely indeed.

I can only imagine that when dressed in such fineries one must feel spectacular.

I loved your observation of the models on your street the other day. Nice to know make-up helps most all look, well, better.
barbra said…
OH! That last one! -The red one! GASP!
MsCellania said…
I actually got to wear one of his gowns in the early 1970's. For about 11 minutes while a customer decided between that and another couture gown, on another model. That de la Renta gown was as beautifully made on the inside as it was on the outside.
alice c said…
Check out the de la Renta smile. Isn't he adorable!
Wendy said…
Wouldn't it be nice if we all tried our best every day?

I'm partial to the black gown with the full skirt.
Anonymous said…
These ladies DO look very lovely, yes. And the dresses are very chic, granted. Let's say, you, or any of the ladies reading this blog actually are the woman in the 5th picture down - little black dress, gold shoes and whack hat. Let's say we're both richer than god and we're going to lunch/dinner at the fanciest restaurant in New York, Paris, or Tulsa.
Plus, I'm not going to be able to sit across from you w/o wondering if it's going to fall off while we eat (and yes, I realize women like that never eat!)
Just out of curiosity, what does that hat cost? At least that ugly shower cap bow tie that Aretha Franklin wore would fit in a car...

BTW - my secret word is devable!
Anonymous said…
You're right, I don't have a Bently, but that hat would probably only fit in a UPS truck.
Or better yet, lets put the top down!
Magpie said…
"Every day I try to do my best" is a motto for living.
kt said…
Love the way that the shoes in photo 4 look like a tux!

Verrrry nice duds.
Mary said…
I will dream of the LBD tonight.