IM with Youngest

Youngest: my math teacher says if any of us do bad on a test tomorrow we get a phone call home so just warning you ahead of time

bb: that's a nasty threat

Youngest: yup

bb: feel free to give him my cell phone number

Youngest: sure thing

bb: I'm not afraid to hear from him or talk to him

Youngest: her

bb: and I'll be proud of however you do cause I know you always do your best and care.
Don't study too long - you either know it or you don't.

Youngest: I think I'll do really well, actually
I think I know it

bb: well, there ya go - and she can call if she wants....but I'm not very fond of threats

Youngest: and she says we should all be able to get 100%

bb: well, I'd say: if you are all equally smart, if you all were feeling well these past weeks,
if you all "get" what she was teaching, then you all should be able to get 100%.
But none of those things are true and I'll be proud of you tomorrow.

Youngest: k

bb: k

(She never called. Nasty business, that. Threatening my uber-conscientious fellow like that. Have a bad taste in your mouth? Go read me today at BeautyHacks, it's much more entertaining.)


eurolush said…
Open-ended threats are definitely the way to make math lots of fun!!
Man, I cannot imagine saying that because then WHAT IF I HAD TO FOLLOW THROUGH AND CALL 25+ PARENTS THAT NIGHT? Good God! (shudders)
Sadie said…
I clicked the link, but can't find your "hack."
Lauri said…
Have the same trouble with my boy's band teacher - I don't take kindly to threats, veiled or otherwise when my boy has voluntarily been taking his own personal instrument for over a month because the band instrument is broken. Let's just say Mr. Director and I will be having a conversation if it happens again-it's really sad that they aren't able to motivate through positive means...
Eliane said…
I always thought teachers are afraid of parents. BB, my feed has changed, but I am blogging away like mad!
Chris said…
I work in a lunchroom and playground, the other mean lunch ladies love to threaten the kids. Makes me sick. Last week I had it ot with one of the meaner ladies, in front of the kids. Not good, but I just couldn't stand watching the abuse of power anymore. Kids are people too and need to be treated with dignity and respect. Just one reason I homeschool...

Sorry, got off on my own little rant there...
TX Poppet said…
Ugly AND stupid. How I wish I could handle these moments as gracefully as you did.
Anonymous said…
He keeps you informed, you provide encouragement and reassurance, he's going to do well anyway, and you two have such good communication all throughout. Love it.

My parents would have gotten a call, by the way. I sucked at math.

Jen said…
I can't find your hack, either.
Sounds like she needs a phone call informing her of the research that clearly shows a student's results not only reflect their intelligence and effort but the quality of the teaching as well. True. I wrote an article on it a few years ago - the rise of the whole notion of 'how do my students' results reflect my teaching - have I engaged them, what have I missed, what could I have done differently' and so on.

Fear never struck me as the most effective learning tool. I mean, sure, it works for some, but definitely not all.
alice c said…
I used to tell my children that their exam results measured the quality of the teaching. So if he gets less than 100% it is because she is a less than perfect teacher.
Sarah S. said…
That's just mean! I agree with Alice! Although studying does help :)
Anonymous said…
fear and intimidation - two of the more effective methods of teaching and learning. They're right up there with messing with your head and over-reactive punishment.
Soft Rock Mama said…
Beautiful conversation.
Silly woman with a limited teaching imagination.

Youngest has her sussed it would seem.
MsCellania said…
Put that math putz in a habit and you've got yourself an Olde Time Catholic School Experience.
Bitch needs her chakras aligned.
Oh uck. So many things going through my mind but none polite enough to write down!