IM with K

After we part company and walk to our respective offices, K and I have a wee IM session:

breakfast truck

bb: egg sandwich off the street - divine

bb: AND they caught me taking a picture of the truck - teased that it costs $5

K: glazed donut - terrible


bb: I'm laughing.

bb: god - cheesy goodness....


bb: $3.75 with tea!

bb: a habit I must avoid.

bb: off to see A.

K: cheaper than oatmeal

bb: oh! much!

K: ciao

9:10 AM

We share the newspaper too.


That One said…
Look at that! It's bb's Frau Mueller!

Am jealous.
Our text messages usually take place later in the day.

Me: Mexican?
Him: Pizza?
Me: Leftovers?
Him: Working late. It's up to you.

Customer lady has a list. She must be picking up for the whole office.
Anonymous said…
I think this is do darn adorable
Anonymous said…
You two are in love. How do you do it? By doing that, I think.

Julie said…
I love this.

And seriously an egg sandsich and tea for 3.75??

Anonymous said…
Could that BE cuter? And with a puffy coat...
Anonymous said…
Pick me up a box of those Milk Duds the next time you're down there.
Amy A. said…
Love. True love.

So glad it's Thursday.
Anonymous said…
It's the little things that make life more meaningful. Egg sandwich trumps donut every time!
Mary said…
I love how much you two love each other..
Sandra E said…
I love this - you might too