You mean you don't sit around reading the Uline catalogue?

We do.
I've picked out several things I'd like to own from the Uline catalogue:

platform trucks

It was a tough decision but I'm going with the metal platform truck.


I can't even begin to express my excitement. I want the biggest conveyor they HAVE.

<span class=

iWash. Nuf said.

rock t shirt

For every $300 you spend you can have a Pink Floyd tee shirt!
(Yeah, I don't get it either.)

Youngest and I finally found chocolate oranges in the store yesterday.

chocolate orange

Middle cracked his perfectly. I thought I'd show you.

I forgot to show you this the other day -


long time commenter, one of only a three MEN who read me, Scot sent me this incredible gift. As if the fact that it is gorgeous AND touching weren't enough, SCOT MADE IT. He called it a paperweight, but I've been enjoying it on my windowsill and on the dining room table and on the bookshelf....
He sent a nice note with it explaining that he had made it, causing my boys to stare blankly into space and speculate - sandblasting? etching? acid? diamond-tipped saws and blades and drills...everyone was very impressed.
Especially me.
It's a wonderfully thoughtful gift. A beautiful, wonderful, thoughtful gift.
Scot and I have been corresponding for a couple of years - I had no idea he was an artist as well as a great guy...


Duyvken said…
I have a soft spot for those chocolate oranges. Delish! The paperweight is beautiful, bb.
Patt M said…
Love Uline! I'm a reader also!
That paperweight is GORGEOUS.

That platform truck? When you move Middle into his dorm you will thank your lucky stars that you found it.

When Sorority Girl went to college we had to make 6 trips across the parking lot, down the very long sidewalk, up the elevator to the fourth floor and down a hallway. We kept saying "WHY didn't we get a platform truck?"

Or just rent one.
Anonymous said…
Hand trucks are not just for the guys anymore. We love ours.

The paperweight is gorgeous. Well done, Scot.

Think of the fun you can have by positioning one end of the conveyor -- which is AWESOME, btw -- next to your bed and the other end next to your car. Instant commute!
Amy A. said…
That is a wonderful gift.

I would like two conveyer belts. We would sit in boxes and have races all the time.
jenny said…
My husband has had something in his eye for the last three days. Let me know when you get the iWash, he'll be down.

Beautiful gift, well done Scot.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely gift!
RW said…
My son is a fan of the chocolate orange - me, not so much. The gift from Scott - wow.

The sentiment expressed on said gift... I have been hearing that phrase from so many different sources - maybe I should pay attention!
Geggie said…
I'll be honest...Uline bores me. Patrick loves it. I don't get it.

You kooks!
Anonymous said…
That Scot has gone and blown my socks off. Perfect.

Anonymous said…
But how do things not-fall off the conveyer belt as they curve along??? If I had it I would zoom stuff across the room all day.
Jess said…
Oh, but what does the gorgeous gift say???

And that was a textbook perfect cracking!
Anonymous said…
METAL platform truck? I don't think so. I think you will be very unhappy with that choice. Plastic is the way to go. First, you don't get that horrible cardboard on metal scraping noise. Second, metal weighs a ton. A METRIC TON. go plastic. you wont regret it.

we have one of those roller conveyors at work. very cool. you can get a scary amount of speed on one in a box. Not that I would ever do that..... never.

Eleanor said…
Scot, wow, so so lovely.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely gesture. And seriously, only 3 men read you? What the heck?

Anonymous said…
What a lovely, thoughtful gift.
Mary said…
I too am interested in the text on the paperweight.

And am also blown away by such thoughtfulness...
KPB said…
So as I'm lugging eight 25kg bags of sandpit sand from the car at the very front of our house to the sandpit at the very back of our house I am now dreaming of a palette truck or even one of the bendy ones so I could go silly. As opposed to sweaty.

Bless Scot.

Now I want a Terry's Chocolate Orange.
The Coffee Lady said…
you don't get the T-shirt offer? How many men with their own palette truck have you met?
Anonymous said…
Awww, the post and all the comments have just totally warmed my heart. Thank you, you're all so kind.
To answer all the speculation:
Lasers, razor blades, sandblasting and a Sharpie.
The text was on a card you said you wanted a few weeks ago.

I got 2 of those dark chocolate oranges. I love those! They also make a great granache or fondue.
Anonymous said…
Now I want a fondue! (beautiful gifts and cooking tips - what a great guy!)
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful thoughtful gift you had from Scot. Amazing.
Anonymous said…
The Uline catalog always makes me wish I had something to palletize and then wrap with those huge thingies of plastic wrap. Glad wrap on steroids!
Sarah said…
For reasons unknown, I used to get the ULine catalog in the mail. I too always found it oddly fascinating. Also, a closing Linens N Things near me was selling a fairly beat up expandable conveyer and I was really tempted to buy it for no reason other than it looks so cool and could provide moments of fun.
Major Bedhead said…
One of the wretches who lives in my house ate the majority of my Terry's dark chocolate orange. A pox on them.

I, too, would like to know what the text says on your gift. It's beautiful.

I love those conveyor belts. There was an old market near my house that had them and I thought it was the coolest thing ever to watch items come skittering down. I loved the whirring sound they made.
Jess said…
I work with platform trucks (although we just call them carts), conveyors (electronic and not), and we have an eye wash station (I've never seen it used) - they lose their charm, but not their usefulness. No Pink Floyd t-shirts, though...
Elan Morgan said…
How sweet is that? I love a handmade gift.