well prepared

Who else packs:

four pairs of shoes
three pairs of tights
two sets of gloves
two pairs of pants
three tops
four scarves
one pleather miniskirt
two tee shirts
four sets of underwear
one nightgown

for two nights away?


I'm off like a dirty shirt - well, I am at 7:30 tomorrow morning anyway.
Poppy is meeting me at the airport and then it will be FUNFUNFUNFUN all the time, I'm pretty sure.
Of course, it's supposed to be cold as hell - and it's going to snow, BUT WHAT THE HELL.

Oh, and, the pleather mini skirt? Is for the "I Love The 80's" party.
Don't worry.
You'll hear about it.


Anonymous said…
I can't wait to hear about all the excitement. Have fun!
Badger said…
Okay, but what's your excuse for the legwarmers? Huh? Will Jane Fonda and/or Richard Simmons be there?

(Oh, don't mind me. I'm mean when I'm jealous.)
Are you planning to wear the legwarmers with tights and the pleather miniskirt???

Karen said…
Is this question rhetorical? My teenage daughter, of course!!
Anonymous said…
I would have taken ten pairs of undies - what happens if you get stuck somewhere... you'll need more underwear.
Anonymous said…
Tell Kanye and Oprah I said hi.

PS- And Poppy, too!
Poppy Buxom said…
Kanye and Oprah are really impressed that they live and move and have their being in the same city as Poppy Buxom.

No, really, they are!

(And they told me to tell blackbird that one nightgown simply isn't enough.)
Miz S said…
Have fun, little blackbird.
alice c said…
Take me! Take me!
I will carry the extra underwear, nightgown and legwarmers...
Anonymous said…
any weekend requiring a pleather mini skirt is going to be memorable--and you have legwarmers, too, so you ARE prepared.
Anonymous said…
... inneresting ... waiting to hear ALL about it ...
Anonymous said…
Have fun bb. I worry so much about what I'm going to wear during the day that I often forget to pack a nightie!
MsCellania said…
Ah, you will all have fun!
And we will have fun reading about it. From a coupla different perspectives.
I pack ALOT for Chicago, too. You never know what your opportunities will be, after all!
Geggie said…
I hope that you've arrived here safely. It is very cold and snowy. Hopefully, your flight wasn't too delayed. I'm going to hibernate for the weekend.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad that you aren't the sort of person who packs the indefatigueable jersey dress that never wrinkles and just wears that. How boring that would be.

I tend to over pack too. It's ridiculous to see what I take even to just a weekend at my parent's house. But really, you just never know what you might be in the mood for wearing, so I hope that you don't find that you didn't bring enouch options. Have fun!

Anonymous said…
enough options, that is.
Allison said…
Whoohoo!! I hope you have a RADICAL time, you Valley Girl, you. (I love the 80s too.)