We need something to be red, at my job.
A banner, a logo, an icon.
Each of us has a different red in his/her mind.
One of us saw this as the perfect red for the job...another saw this red and said: TARGET!
I went and got the Pantone books.
They're fun to play with.
Target red is Pantone 186.

Picture 2

Which is fine as we wanted something richer.

Picture 1

180 is too orange-y for my liking - but it's not my call.
And, though it is not my call, I knew the red people were describing.
A dark, clear red, with some blue in it.
Something classy but still very red - not burgundy or wine or maroon.
I took the book and went off for a little while with it.

I chose Pantone 200 while others were off looking up what had been used on other projects.

Picture 3

Then I sat back and waited.

Other reds were brought forth -

Picture 4

and someone else brought out #200 just after I expressed my regard for it.
It is being deliberated and I am anxious to know....

The next day, a production person said: I know the red you mean but I'd have to take you to a paint store to show it to you.
And I said: I chose MY red, I chose 200.
200? said she, That's a much stronger color than I thought you were all talking about.

I didn't answer her but I can tell you that I am just a little awed by people who can discuss the properties of Pantone hues without having the books in front of them.
Of course, I would go with Pantone 200 COATED - as I find the uncoated colors pretty muddy.


KPB said…
you're on the money.

Someone else saying it - after you had already done so?

I adore those pantone books. But such is my obsessive nature I must avoid them at all costs.
Mary said…
186 is good.

But 200 is better...
Anonymous said…
This is so odd, but I was just doing a nearly identical search for red paint. 200 is exactly what I chose.
Keetha said…
I love the 200. We're moving in a few months to a house where the kitchen cabinets will be white and the walls will be that very red. Love it.
Anonymous said…
I prefer the 200, too. I'm also a Kelly Green Girl, so what can you expect?
barbra said…
Do not like 186 or 180.

200 is nice. 194 is a very nice color but seems more soothing to me - don't know if that's what they're looking for. 194 is kind of like the color of the room I'm sitting in right now... but not exactly.

We'll be interested to hear what they choose!
Sarah said…
I have no real opinion but I'd like to mention that I used to work for McDonald's ad agency and they use Pantone 180 for their red background.,,
Anonymous said…
Wow. I want them to choose 200 too. It's good that you got to have a say in it. And you are so sexy when you talk all techy to us ;)

Anonymous said…
Never even having been in the same room as a Pantone book -- although I do know what they are -- I can offer absolutely no informed comment. Except that I too favor #200 as a true-blue red. Yeah, that's an oxymoron but I think you know what I mean.
robiewankenobie said…
I know my pantones, sister, and I'm all over 200 like white on rice.
Anonymous said…
Pantone...I think I used to use that shampoo at one time.

My hair was bouncin' and behavin' as I recall.
Julie said…
I just went through this making a banner at work. There are so many shades of turquoise that my head almost exploded.

And you would not believe the arguments I got into with co-workers about it being too green or too blue....

It's actually making me aggravated to think about it :)
Ali said…
I'd just like to touch a pantone book (and a set of those really cool markers). A good job I'd say.
Eleanor said…
I'm completely lost. Except for Eurolush's comment, which made sense.
Anonymous said…
This is why I want your job.

Well, hell. I want to be you.
kt said…

Coated? Of COURSE coated.

What kind of nabobs are you dealing with here? Uncoated, pah.

Just sayin'.

(like I'd know the difference)
Anonymous said…
More information is required. What is it you need to be red? Are you going to paint it or does it come in various hues of red? If you are going to paint it, get a can of "ARREST ME RED" a real color that can be found at some paint stores and all auto paint counters. You won't find a truer red. I had a Datsun 280Z painted Arrest Me Red - actually a Porche color - Loved that car but I kept getting tickets. Soooo many people are glad I don't drive anymore.

Hey, my secret word is wingstr!
Laura Jane said…
kt - you took the words right outa my mouth.

And please avoid the 180 - too Maccas.
Anonymous said…
This is akin to people who discuss fonts, referring to them by name as if they are actual entities.

I saw people sitting in a coffeehouse chatting about fonts. And they were laughing at each others' font jokes.
Anonymous said…
I love them all. Red is a fabulous colour. I would hate to have to choose just one.
islaygirl said…
i'm sorry, i'm behind this week, so i'm just reading this. Of COURSE you're a person who understands the allure of pantone books. mmmmmmmmm. i love them.

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