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I've got nothing.
Is there something you'd like to hear about?
A question you have for me?
Yes, I do know that artificial sweeteners have made life better for diabetics around the world.
Anything else?

Did you know that I write for Blogher? On the BeautyHacks page?
I do!
And I'm scheduled to post twice during February and am at a loss as to what to write about there too.
Is there a beauty product you'd like me to research? Ooooh, that would be fun, wouldn't it?
Go ahead - suggest something and I'll try it...there's just one exception: I refuse to grind up stuff I can find in my kitchen (like bananas) and put them on my face.

I'll be right here, waiting.


Duyvken said…
I want to know about that sweet little blackbird who sits in your blog's avatar box looking like he's eager to take flight or peck at some seeds. There's something very cheery about him. Of course, you could always just tell me about how your son is enjoying his 'a pocket for all seasons' jacket.
Anonymous said…
I rather enjoy your stealth photos of our commute and the neighborhood outings around your work.
I also forgot to mention that your plate post inspired us to do the same. Out went the horrid blue nd white patterned and in came cool lovely white. Such a difference! Sadly, we still have a stack of sausalito in the lower cupboard since they are far to heavy to h=place in a hanging wall cupboard for fear of taking the wall down with them.
Beauty products stymie me. It's a 10 minute hair color every few months to hide the sea of gray and a slather of Oil of Olay (ponounced OOOOOOlay by husband for some strange Brit reason) every morning and that, as thy say, is that.
Anonymous said…
You shouldn't use foodstuffs anyway. Studies in Switzerland or some such place have proven that basic oils and fats actually make your skin drier, by shutting down oil glands. You need the chemicals in clinical moisturizers to do any good--or better yet, just drink lots of water and let your skin take care of itself.

Maybe that can be your post.
Sinda said…
Well...I have a post brewing about how I switched from shampoo to baking soda back in July...!

I was inspired by Amy Karol at Angry Chicken

I LOVE how my hair feels - and, not only do I not have to buy shampoo and conditioner, I don't have to use product either - it's wonderful.
I'm currently comparing expensive beauty care products vs less expensive stuff.

Would you ever do a post about what's being eaten for dinner since you started work? When my kids were home and waiting for me to cook, we weren't eating healthy dinners. I relied too much on fast, easy packaged foods. Or my crockpot.
Keetha said…
What about Nars Orgasm blush - is it really that great?

Ditto Little Miss Sunshine State on the weeknight eating. It gets to be a challenge.
Anonymous said…
If there's any beauty trend that tempts me, it's hand rejuvenation. My hands are those of a retired charnwoman. Of course, surgery may be further than you're willing to go in the name of experimentation...
Anonymous said…
This has nothing to do with BlogHer, but a post I keep looking for on your page is about the food that Paola brought. Or was it made? I can't remember, but you said you were going to dedicate an entire post to it. And I'm sad 'cause I haven't seen it.
Anonymous said…
I like to read about the people you see on the train, on the street, out and about.
Anonymous said…
Oh, yes, I need to know about what to use on dry legs - something better than Vaseline Intensive Care. Also, what about differences in base make up for the "older" gals out there?? Are we stuck paying Lancome prices or is there a CVS alternative??
alice c said…
Colours for pedicures.
I think I am stuck in a rut - I need guidance. It worries me but I am not sure that I can discuss it with my friends because ... you know...they might judge me.
Anonymous said…
Maybe guide us through your deciding what to take and the packing for your upcoming trip.

That's all I got.

jenny said…
Okay, this has nothing to do with BeautyHacks but

I was wondering whatever happened with the moss in the blender mix. I want to add more moss to our brick walkway and was wondering how K made out...
tut-tut said…
mascara & lipstick, especially for the just over 50 crowd

word confirm: nessess
Anonymous said…
I love it when you write about your observations -- on the train, in the city, around your town.

Or, how about foods your family has been cooking?

I'd ask for updates on your guys, but I know you like to protect their privacy. Maybe just some snippets, things they've said?
Anonymous said…
I'd like to know what the best bang for your buck "mineral" makeup line is. Even drug store brands have them now, which one is best?

Do you have a favourite eye-liner pencil brand if you use that stuff?

What about those smoker's wrinkles around the lips? Do you have a magic solution to that, other than the obvious?

Have you tried that root touch-up hair dye? I've heard it's fab.

And finally, off topic, is there a such a thing as a good frozen lasagna to be purchased?

Amy A. said…
I just started using Burt's Bee's Radiance Day/Night Creme and Aging Serum. You might like to try it. And maybe explain exactly what serum is supposed to do. Also, I would like to try Avalon Organics Orange Cleanser and facial care stuff.

Also, I've heard that Oil of Olay regenerist is supposed to be as fabulous as La Mer. But way cheaper.

I also love it when you take us shopping with you.

Another idea.. (I didn't want to used 'also' again :P) maybe you could direct us to some of your favorites in your archives. I know I started reading you a year or two after you actually started and haven't really poked around much in the older posts. I remember reading something about a girl in the airport that had me gasping one time but I don't remember much about it and am too lazy to look for it. :)

That'll be enough from me.
That One said…
I'm with previous commenters: what happened with the moss?

And what is the best for really really dry legs? (I drink a TON of water every day and it doesn't help. Unless I'm eating too much salt. Which is probable.)

And what product works best for fine lines but doesn't stink of citrus fruit?

Oh. And more Observations From The Train, please.
That One said…
I have nothing to say in this commentbox other than my word verify is fartur. Juvenile, yes, but the word made me giggle.
Anonymous said…
Is it normal to own 12 pairs of black shoes? ( 3 of which are boots).

I also have red, tan and purple, but not 12 of each.
robiewankenobie said…
I would like to know more about the things that you did with your boys when they were youger that allows you to connect with them now.

As for beauty gunk, I want to read about eyebrows. Mine are quite nefarious, and I never know quite what to do with them.

Also? There is a customer who used to get 19 splendas in her coffee. She never comes through the the coffee shop anymore. You draw your own conclusions.
I bought 'Hydrovance' from Majestic Mountain Sage - and you can make your own lotion - but I use just the Hydrovance. I love it. I also bought tons of stuff from this site to make my own perfume and lip gloss.

and I LOVE it for moisturizing your legs.

I only shampoo about 1ce a week. I have naturally curly hair and curly hair is dry hair but I condition it all of the time - I buy whatever is on sale but I don't rinse the conditioner out ... not all of the way anyway, then I rub some in my hands and apply to hair while wet - this may not work for straight hair but for curly hair - its a life saver. NO MORE FRIZZES!