reader's choice part one

Here you go - your comments, my answers.

Duyvken said...
I want to know about that sweet little blackbird who sits in your blog's
avatar box looking like he's eager to take flight or peck at some seeds.
There's something very cheery about him. Of course, you could always just
tell me about how your son is enjoying his 'a pocket for all seasons'

If you click on that little bird you will learn all about her...also, the
gift that Scot sent me was wrapped in wrapping paper of those birds!
Fabulous, I know!

jo said...

I rather enjoy your stealth photos of our commute and the neighborhood
outings around your work.
I also forgot to mention that your plate post inspired us to do the
same. Out went the horrid blue and white patterned and in came cool lovely
white. Such a difference! Sadly, we still have a stack of Sausalito in the
lower cupboard since they are far to heavy to place in a hanging wall
cupboard for fear of taking the wall down with them.
Beauty products stymie me. It's a 10 minute hair color every few months
to hide the sea of gray and a slather of Oil of Olay (pronounced OOOOOOlay by
husband for some strange Brit reason) every morning and that, as they say, is


I will tell you more about my office neighborhood soon. What's nice is that it is a somewhat residential area so I am seeing the same small children being brought to school every day.

dan renzi said...

You shouldn't use foodstuffs anyway. Studies in Switzerland or some such
place have proven that basic oils and fats actually make your skin drier, by
shutting down oil glands. You need the chemicals in clinical moisturizers to
do any good--or better yet, just drink lots of water and let your skin take
care of itself.
Maybe that can be your post.

bb -
You know, I adore - SIMPLY ADORE, that Dan Renzi. But he's a little militant about the whole "water" thing. I don't have the heart to break it to him that the only time actual WATER crosses my lips is when I brush my teeth. Green tea, Dan? I drink it all the livelong day!

Sinda said...

Well...I have a post brewing about how I switched from shampoo to baking
soda back in July...!
I was inspired by Amy Karol at Angry Chicken

I LOVE how my hair feels - and, not only do I not have to buy shampoo
and conditioner, I don't have to use product either - it's wonderful.

This ditching of the shampoo for baking soda business is completely intriguing to me but every time I read about it the writer tells of having to wipe the oils off their comb as their scalp and hair get accustomed to the lack of shampoo and I GET SKEEVED. I would truly appreciate it if Miss Sinda would consider doing a guest post on this topic as I am quite sure it is fascinating. No kidding.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I'm currently comparing expensive beauty care products vs less expensive
Would you ever do a post about what's being eaten for dinner since you
started work? When my kids were home and waiting for me to cook, we weren't
eating healthy dinners. I relied too much on fast, easy packaged foods. Or
my crockpot.

It's not all good news on this front, LMSS. We are barely holding it together. We do meals that are somewhat elaborate over the weekends and try to resort to frozen/prepared food only one day a week. We have been having pressed sandwiches or wraps once a week and those are often from leftovers. Every two weeks or so we have ordered out - but I have not, as yet, felt energized enough to make anything interesting when I get home from work. Thank God K has.

Keetha said...

What about Nars Orgasm blush - is it really that great?
Ditto Little Miss Sunshine State on the weeknight eating. It gets to be
a challenge.

I think Poppy is a fan of Nars Orgasm blush - I'm going to ask her about it (she is incredibly knowledgeable re the makeup world). In the meantime - I wear foundation and eye pencil and some kind of lip stuff every day...gloss or lipstick, but have not worn blush in about 25 years.

Jen said...

If there's any beauty trend that tempts me, it's hand rejuvenation. My
hands are those of a retired charwoman. Of course, surgery may be further
than you're willing to go in the name of experimentation...

I happen to have Man Hands. Small Man Hands. With scars and bad cuticles. In other words: there is no hope for me.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with BlogHer, but a post I keep looking for on
your page is about the food that Paola brought. Or was it made? I can't
remember, but you said you were going to dedicate an entire post to it. And
I'm sad 'cause I haven't seen it.


Well, Anon, she brought about 4 different kinds of candy - some of it was Christmas-y and some of it was the kind that we Tuvaluans are NOT used to, but most of it was unbelievably good and eaten so quickly that I'm not sure I have a photo of it...but I'll look.

ssheers said...

I like to read about the people you see on the train, on the street, out
and about.


The other night, on my way home from that party, on the train with the nifty conductor, I sat next to a teenager who had a very dramatic argument on her cell phone. IN JAPANESE.
And, for those who were wondering - the conductor clicks tickets at each row so he remembers who has paid their fare. Some riders have tickets which must be hand punched as well, which, I suppose is somewhat old fashioned...but this is not the tube/metro/subway of which I speak but the commuter train.

Loretta said...

Oh, yes, I need to know about what to use on dry legs - something better
than Vaseline Intensive Care. Also, what about differences in base make up
for the "older" gals out there?? Are we stuck paying Lancome prices or is
there a CVS alternative??


Loretta, I would suggest that you buy a "body wash" with some moisturizer in it - I've found that the drugstore brands are pretty good though I'm sure there are some very expensive ones out there too. Then, I'd consider using some Neutrogena lotion on your legs - their stuff is pretty darn good.
But you know, I'm thinking DAN RENZI would say that you should drink more water!
Oh, and, I swore by Almay foundation for a long long time but found that it didn't look as good on my "older" skin. I'm thinking foundation is not the place to skrimp and that you should stick with the good stuff as it has more of the quality ingredients. Bobbi Brown is being good to me right now.
3:16 PM

alice c said...

Colours for pedicures.
I think I am stuck in a rut - I need guidance. It worries me but I am
not sure that I can discuss it with my friends because ... you know...they
might judge me.


I need a pedi right this minute! But, Alice, I just might get BLACK! (Or, at the very least, that incredibly deep dark red.)

jbhat said...

Maybe guide us through your deciding what to take and the packing for
your upcoming trip.

That's all I got.


See a couple of posts ago - I'm not very good at packing light.

jenny said...

Okay, this has nothing to do with BeautyHacks but I was wondering whatever happened with the moss in the blender mix. I want to add more moss to our brick walkway and was wondering how K made out...

IT WAS A MISERABLE FAILURE. First, I *think* the dog licked it up. THEN it rained and washed away. The stones look good but it's all dirty.

tut-tut said...

mascara & lipstick, especially for the just over 50 crowd


I can't help with mascara as I don't wear it. Lipstick: stick with slightly shiny matte colors - again: Bobbi Brown has been good to me - but there's no reason you couldn't have a person at the BBrown counter suggest a color for you and then go match it at the drugstore! Try not to use colors that are too dark as they tend to make us look a little harsh. Poppy taught me that you should try to match the color of the inside of your lower lip, and I'm pretty sure it works!

Okay, kids, that's all I have time for today - Chicago awaits!
I promise to add more tomorrow...or maybe the next day.



This is for Loretta.
Dry skin on the legs? One word.

I refuse to pay a lot of money for an exfoliator. Once or twice a week, I take a handful of shower gel or body wash. I scoop a spoonful of the Kosher salt I keep in a plastic container in the shower, mix it with the body wash and slather it on my legs.

Rinse it off, the dry flakies are gone and THEN put on lotion. It can't soak in if there is a layer of dead skin on your legs.
That One said…
Have a fun time in Chicago. Wave as you're flying over the Detroit area!

Linked to you today.
Badger said…
Oh my GOD, I am going to have to start up my makeup blog again so people will know where to buy the cheap shit that works.
BabelBabe said…
dry legs/skin? skip lotion altogether and buy some Neutrogena body oil. It's amazing. You wil never ever go back to lotion - it smells awesome, solves the dryness problem, isn't thick or greasy or slick, and a bottle goes a looooong way. I LOVE IT.
Anonymous said…
Sheesh, BabelBabe, I was THIS close to buying the body oil yesterday, thanks for the recommendation!

Oh bb, I did love clicking the little bird to learn about her. I don't sew, but those fabrics that live where she lives were mighty inspiring.

Mary said…
Great post and great comments too - I am a slavish user of moisturiser on my body but am thinking of switching to oil - I think I need to !
alice c said…
Black nail polish? Very Eurolush...
Anonymous said…
Laura Mercier - "Caviar Dreams" Nail Lacquer.

Purply-grey...looks gorgeous on.

Hope Chicago was fun!