reader's choice part 2

Jen on the Edge said...

I love it when you write about your observations -- on the train, in the city, around your town.
Or, how about foods your family has been cooking?
I'd ask for updates on your guys, but I know you like to protect their privacy. Maybe just some snippets, things they've said?

This week I cooked a great big baked ziti for K's sister. Her son has been unwell (send prayers!) and I wanted to make them a meal...SO I made a second big giant baked ziti for us. K made an amazing lamb stew thing (Cuban!) and we are still relying on panninis one night a week.

I was complaining about the dog yesterday and Youngest said: I hear ya, Mom, just make sure you make it look like an accident.

Erin H. said:
I'd like to know what the best bang for your buck "mineral" makeup line is. Even drug store brands have them now, which one is best?
Do you have a favourite eye-liner pencil brand if you use that stuff?
What about those smoker's wrinkles around the lips? Do you have a magic solution to that, other than the obvious?
Have you tried that root touch-up hair dye? I've heard it's fab.

And finally, off topic, is there a such a thing as a good frozen lasagna to be purchased?

Well! Erin certainly has a lot to talk about!
Let's Chicago girlfriends SWEAR by Physician's Formula mineral make-up - I bought some and liked it very much, but I must say that the brush is a bit POKEY...I don't think the real stuff is THAT expensive (and I did buy it) and it is very wonderful.
As for eye-liner pencil, I have always liked L'Oreal, from the drug-store. I think I've only had a Clinique eye pencil from the department stores and that was nice too.
I haven't a clue about smoker's wrinkles around the lips and will mention that while I probably smoked 10 cigarettes a day for much of 2008, I had dinner with a woman from Paris, the day after Christmas, smoked until I was green and have not had many since. (I had a pack that I shared with three people in Chicago). I think there must be some collagen cream for the upper lip area but I don't know for sure. Sadly, or not, I'm one of those people who is able to smoke when I want to and then stop doing it when I've had enough...I THINK I'M GOING ON A BIT NOW, DON'T YOU?
Stouffer's frozen lasagna is supposed to be pretty good, Erin, but don't you have a supermarket that has "prepared food" near you? Mine makes a nice lasagna.
I have not tried the root touch-up hair dye kit -though I've been tempted - I haven't found a color that matches mine (which would be: natural color - WHITE, dyed color - mousey brown).

Amy A. has left a new comment on your post "reader's choice":

I just started using Burt's Bee's Radiance Day/Night Creme and Aging Serum. You might like to try it. And maybe explain exactly what serum is supposed to do. Also, I would like to try Avalon Organics Orange Cleanser and facial care stuff.


Why do the Burt's Bees products smell pepperminty? I don't like it! Also? Night creme? I cannot imagine slathering something on my face before I fall into bed. I did a little research on it and was not terribly excited by what I read. As for the Avalon stuff, I'd be happy to try it - and might, as I like some of their other products. I think I've used their moisturizer and been happy with it, but I haven't been to Whole Foods in ages and that's where I'd get sucked in and buy it.

Also, I've heard that Oil of Olay regenerist is supposed to be as fabulous as La Mer. But way cheaper.

I've been look at the Oil of Olay Regenerist product line for years and find the labels and boxes INDECIPHERABLE. What do I need? Specific recommendations are most welcome.

I also love it when you take us shopping with you.

Stay tuned for more shopping posts - I own NOTHING in the way of spring/summer clothing that is suitable for the workplace.

Another idea.. (I didn't want to use 'also' again :P) maybe you could direct us to some of your favorites in your archives. I know I started reading you a year or two after you actually started and haven't really poked around much in the older posts. I remember reading something about a girl in the airport that had me gasping one time but I don't remember much about it and am too lazy to look for it. :)

That'll be enough from me.

Ah, well, my airport post is somewhat famous (I'm blushing). After that, I'm not sure where to point you. Here. I searched the word "storm" - these look okay.

Tuli has left a new comment on your post "reader's choice":

I'm with previous commenters: what happened with the moss?

Dismal failure!

And what is the best for really really dry legs? (I drink a TON of water every day and it doesn't help. Unless I'm eating too much salt. Which is probable.)

I am hopeless at drinking water - I'd try the exfoliating as recommended by another reader, and have recently fallen in like with Olay Beauty Ribbons body wash. I can't believe it, but it seems to actually be moisturizing my skin. I know!

And what product works best for fine lines but doesn't stink of citrus fruit?

Oh, no! Really? I haven't tried products for fine lines. My lines tend to be very heavy -though I only have two or three of them. (Lines, that is.) Citrus? I loathe food smells in beauty products. One can only assume that the products you have tried have citric acid in them. Personally, I can no longer read ingredients lists, even WITH my glasses...perhaps you could discuss this with someone at the beauty counter.

Oh. And more Observations From The Train, please.

Okay - I'll work on it!

Melene has left a new comment on your post "reader's choice":

Is it normal to own 12 pairs of black shoes? ( 3 of which are boots).

I also have red, tan and purple, but not 12 of each.


Black shoes? They are ALL I OWN. I have at least 12 pair. I also have two pair of brown boots.
Melene, YOU are completely NORMAL.

robiewankenobie has left a new comment on your post "reader's choice":

I would like to know more about the things that you did with your boys when they were younger that allows you to connect with them now.

I am interrupting rwk's questions to say: I have NO idea what I did with them when they were younger that allows me to connect with them now. There are two possible factors: I NEVER played with them (does that sound terrible?). I never sat on the floor and played trucks with them or spent hours pretending with them. I'm not sure if it was good or bad, but I was always and only a mom - not their playmate. It is an interesting thing. The second possible factor is that they are very far apart in age - we were alone with each of them for at least 4 years.

As for beauty gunk, I want to read about eyebrows. Mine are quite nefarious, and I never know quite what to do with them.

I'm in a quandary, myself, about my eyebrows. I changed the shape of them but could use a professional consult -and not with the Korean lady who waxes them and speaks no English.
I might look it up on the internet - but I'm thinking some eye make-up that matches your eyebrow color and one of those application brushes with the tight squared-off end would be helpful...if by nefarious you mean wiry and willful, I'd say you may need to get them trimmed and then buy some of that clear eyebrow taming stuff in a tube with the mascara brush thingy.
(I'm not sounding very authoritative here, am I?)

Also? There is a customer who used to get 19 splendas in her coffee. She never comes through the the coffee shop anymore. You draw your own conclusions.

I draw CRAZY. Although, there is a guy in my office who drinks WATER with three splendas in it because he grew up in a town that sulpherized the water to such an extent that it was the only way to make it palatable. Go figure.

That was fun.
Many thanks for being inquisitive, it allowed me to chat with many of you and I've been remiss in the replying-to-comments well as the reading-your-blogs area.


Duyvken said…
if you are going to Sephora then I get to come too. In insist! I did just take you to the beach after all. Splendas in water? Now I've read it all!
Anonymous said…
Just a comment on the body washes for dry skin - when I last left a comment on dry legs, you did respond to not use soap and use body wash.

What a difference! I realized that I had stopped using a deodorant soap this winter (figuring I don't stink in winter/you be the judge). Even the hubby noticed that my elbows and legs are for the first time in winter as soft as summer.

Let's do an infomercial!!
Wendy said…
Okay, I'm putting the Olay Ribbon Body Wash on the shopping list.

I've found that washing the brush from the Physician's Formula mineral makeup makes it far less pokey. Otherwise I think it's worth it to invest in a good brush and use it with the less expensive makeup if that's the route you want to go. Once I use up the "real" mineral makeup, I'm probably going to return to the Physician's Formula stuff. I think I liked it better.
Anonymous said…
If you ever do another readers' choice, I'd like to know the story of how you started blogging and why you chose to do so anonymously.
Anonymous said…
As ever, you teach me so much. I am excited for your next shopping trip, too, and shall take your recommendation on eyeliner.
Unknown said…
I love me some Olay Regenerist! Been using it for *years* and my skin looks pretty darn good for my age, if I do say so myself...

I use the Eye Serum every morning (I use to use it morning and night, but I've graduated to using Stri-Vectin at night), and it really helps reduce any residual puffiness and the subtle light reflectors camouflage any dark circles.

I also use the Daily Regenerating Serum--both in the morning and at night--though I am a bit more sporadic about it. When I *do* use it regularly, I notice a definite difference in texture and tone of my skin--in the positive sense, that is. Personally, I prefer the fragrance free version, even though I don't have particularly sensitive skin.

I also use the Daily UV lotion on the mornings I use the Daily Serum. I try to remember to use it *every* day, but...well...I don't. I just got the Daily UV Lotion with *a Touch of Sun* so I'll let you know what I think of it, once I actually use it.

I use the Deep Hydration Regenerating Creme at night, when my skin's feeling dry, and also on my poor chapped nose during the bitter cold wintery days; it was a godsend!

And I also highly recommend the Regenerist Microdermabrasion kit, although you have to be sure to use a light touch. I was a little *too* enthusiastic one time, and my skin was none to happy about it.
Anonymous said…
That was fun bb, thank you. I love Physician's Formula eye liner, so I will try the mineral make up and risk the poke factor. Or wash the poke out of that brush. I made lasagne the other night with those no cook noodles, and it turned out so well, I may never buy pre-made again. I always say I don't cook, I assemble, so lasagne works well for me. Who knew?

Stephanie said…
you're so darn funny. have a good day! :)
KPB said…
I can't imagine 19 Splendas being good in anything except a landfill.

that comment Youngest made? about the dog? H.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s.

Chef often says that if it wasn't for the microchip the cat would have been thrown in the lake years ago.

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