posts I meant to write

Things I had in my head to do, but didn't.

A post of office artwork. There are some impressive things hanging in the office space where I work - and some terrible stuff too. I thought I'd take photos (I tend to arrive pretty early) and then do a post of what's what. I carried the camera in my work-bag for a week.

Past, Present, Future. I don't remember what this was going to be. Good title though.

A lengthy discussion regarding winter boots. Just thinking about it bores me to tears.

A video clip of Michelle Obama's fashion choices. It wasn't possible to embed it and I lost interest when I realized I could only link to it.

A medical post describing the condition I have wherein oral trauma (I burned the roof of my mouth on soup) leads to a shingles-like response in a nerve in my face causing me distracting pain for days on end. (I realized that I don't really do medical posts - about me anyway and backed away from this too.)

And so it goes.

I'd still like to write a spring wardrobe post, in which I may have to retract earlier statements concerning not wearing sandals to offices and explain my desire to stay away from J Crew next season.

I really want to write about the French woman who runs? owns? the cafe downstairs. She has a wonderful wardrobe and is that French way.

I must instruct you: go find a copy of Elephant Elephant. It is delightful - though I'm not sure it could be called a children's book.

What am I doing instead of writing these posts?
For starters: the kitchen floor is positively crusted with salt, sand and mud.


smalltownme said…
Good luck with the floor -- ugh.
Geggie said…
Speaking of fashion...any comments on the new First Lady's inauguration day fashions? I loved the lemongrass suit (even with the green gloves and shoes!). The Jason Wu gown I like very much, didn't LOVE.
Jennifer said…
It's tough when there's so much to write and it all goes through your head, yet that's where it ends. I like knowing that you wanted to write all about that stuff though :)

Ummm... thanks for reminding me. I need to wash my kitchen floor too, I'm not sure if it's crusted with salt,but some sugar and some spaghetti sauce I'm sure of.
Anonymous said…
Does your desire to stay away from J.Crew have anything to do with the fact that even the smallest, most unassuming hair clip sells for one billion, trillion dollars?

PS-They lost my sis, B, a few years ago--when they added fur to their winter line. She was all...Hells no.
Mary said…
I agree - it was nice to know what was in your head...

Life keeps getting in the way atm for us all I suspect..

I get mouth ulcers from time to time - I feel your pain..
From 1998 to 2003 I owned a small independent children's bookstore called Shoofly Pie. My business philosophy was to provide only the best books for TV/movie tie-in books, no plastic toys, etc. Elephant Elephant was one of our best-selling books. It appealed to people across the board...a charming little book - silly and profound simultaneously. I'm so glad that it's still finding an audience!
BabelBabe said…
stop crusting your kitchen floor and write the wardrobe post. But NOT the boot one.
Maggie May said…
ayeaye, chores.
I know exactly what's wrong with you.
It's called WINTER.
Hang in there.
Amy A. said…
Yes, tell us about the French woman.