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Youngest worked for several weeks on an art project for a school-wide contest last month. He devoted hours on end to learning a program on the computer and polishing this work until he felt satisfied with it. For over a month I constructed stories in my head - lines I could feed him when he found out he lost. I was determined to explain that the contest was open to the entire school, that he is only a freshman, that sometimes things are not judged by talent, but because someone needs to be honored at that time (like the Oscars!).
Yesterday, after postponing the announcement twice, the Art Department at his school announced that he had won first place.
First place.
He was awarded a set of illustrating pens.
He was given a big dose of self esteem.
I was so shocked that I was worried he'd think I didn't believe in him.
Sometimes we are lucky enough to have things turn out the way we need them too.
Youngest needed this very badly, he's had a rough transition to high school.


Middle has not heard from the College Of His Choice. I'm trying very hard to be optimistic and relaxed about this but I AM EATING MYSELF UP INSIDE.


Oldest is doing very nicely, thank you.
I'd say more, but, it turns out, I'm superstitious and don't want to jinx it.


K continues to work on "a very nice project."
I'd say more, but, it turns out, I'm superstitious and don't want to jinx it.


This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.

Quoted in The Algonquin Wits (1968) edited by Robert E. Drennan regarding Atlas Shrugged.

I'm in the mood for some Dorothy Parker.


KPB said…
You know that awful day you had the other week? I've been thinking of you ever since. I have had those and know exactly how you would have felt. Gah.

And yet, this place of employ keeps rising to prove its stripes over and over.

That pen story made me tear up and have a very deep respect for your boss, who strikes me as someone you'd call a gentleman and there's not that many of those around any more.

And OH MY! YEYEYEYEYEY for Youngest. It is not helpful but everything happens for a reason in regards to Middle. And I'm ever so happy for Oldest and K.

I can't get that picture of you in a pleather mini out of my mind. I believe you need some shorter skirts with boots and opaque tights for work. You were rockin' it lady.
Duyvken said…
Congrats to youngest and you are a darling mother for considering ways you could soften the blow if it hadn't come through for him. I hope Middle hears something soon.
Sinda said…
Hooray, Hooray, HOORAY for Youngest!!! Each of your boys seems to have that ability to know what they want and go after it - admirable.
Anonymous said…
Way to go Youngest!!!!

Fingers crossed for Middle!

And sending good karma for everyone.
The Tutugirl said…
Congratulations to Middle! And yay for Oldest and K! As for Middle- remember that the economy is screwing with admissions numbers this year, which is changing the timing for many admissions offices. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him!
s said…
Congratulations, Youngest! Wishing the best for Middle, glad Oldest and K are doing well.
Eliane said…
Congratulations!!! And I mean it, I know what rough times at high school are. It's not easy.
Anonymous said…
Bravo Youngest!
Patience for you, dear Middle.
A big hug to Oldest.
I'm happy for K.
I am proud of you.
Badger said…
Yay for Youngest! And OMG. Your thought process, before and after, is exactly what I go through when one of my kids does something like that. Preparing for disappointment, and then if the happy thing HAPPENS, worrying that I downplayed it too much. Argh. MOTHERHOOD, eh?

Speaking as your psychic friend, I have a good feeling about Middle. I can't tell you whether he'll get into his school of choice (I would tell you if I knew), but I am 100% positive that things will work out for him, that he will be happy and excited with whatever situation pans out, AND that his abilities will be challenged, nurtured and recognized.

So. Get some sleep.
smalltownme said…
Congrats and good luck.
Anonymous said…
I love the pure sharpness of Dorothy Parker--she was quick and clever.
Glad for Youngest, hopeful for Middle, curious about oldest, and pleased, of course, for you.
Geggie said…
Yippee for Youngest! Any chance that you can share this winning piece of artwork?
Anonymous said…
OMG, I am soooo happy for Youngest! What a boost for him! Your family are all so talented (including you).

#1 son did not get into either of his top two choices, but ended up being very, very happy at the school he chose. While I am not among those who think things happen for a reason, it is indubitably true that sometimes what we get turns out to be better than what we thought we wanted.
Poppy Buxom said…
OMG that's amazing. Yay youngest!

Keeping my fingers crossed for Middle.

(Speaking of Dorothy Parker, my word verification is witionc, which almost spells "wit tonic," which is exactly what she is.

And so are YOU, my friend.)
jordi said…
Just to add a YaHOO! for Youngest and a not to worry for Middle. I will avoid all others as I am also very superstitious. Good thoughts DO help and thinking about how to provide a cushion to land on is not the same as not believing!

and I have lyneesse or Lioness as my verification word..
Anonymous said…
I love your family so much. You are an amazingly supportive mother, and although we don't hear much about K, I know the two of you make a splendid team. Your boys are so lucky.

I'm thrilled for Youngest. What a feat. He must be so proud that his hard work paid off. And Middle--he's bound to be accepted at CoHC. And Oldest? We don't hear much about him either, but it's lovely to hear that he's doing well. But I won't say or wonder any more about it so as not to jinx it either.

Big hugs to all of you.

Anonymous said…
Congrats to youngest. Talent obviously runs in your family. I hope Middle hears something soon. I remember having to wait like that my senior year of high school.
Mary said…
I am simply happy that you and your family are getting the good things in life you all work so so hard for.

and that is enough from superstitious old me...
alice c said…
to hear all these good things makes me feel so happy...
for you,
for you all,
you are in my heart this weekend.
barbra said…
Oh, I am SO HAPPY for Youngest, I am doing a happy dance over here!!!
Anonymous said…
Letting go of superstition changed my life. Seriously. I hope one day you will learn to it go.
Anonymous said…
Well done to youngest. Arty, gentle boys often have difficult transititions. I hope that this is the beginning of things getting easier for him.
Amy A. said…
Your label should be... And all is right with the world.

Congratulations to Youngest. My son had 'one of those years' too and he is doing so much better now. These things come around.
Anonymous said…
Your middle and my only. Please, please, please, let them get their dreams.
islaygirl said…
"What fresh hell is this?" (Dorothy Parker, of course)

Yay for youngest, good thots for middle, and *shhh* *yay* for oldest and k.

and a big hug for bb, holding everything together.

Anonymous said…
What an accomplishment for Youngest! Cheers to that fine, hard-working lad of yours. I think it's great that he has such a strong work ethic, and throws himself into what he wants to do with such gusto. To be rewarded with first place just sweetens the deal. I'm thrilled for him.

I'll remain hopeful for Middle, and I'm happy things are going well for your other men, too.

As for you, dear bb, I like you very much just the way you are.

Suse said…
Yay Youngest! That's fabulous!

Oh my PILL, I feel as though I've been away for months rather than weeks ...!
Stomper Girl said…
Congratulations to Youngest! And I hope Middle hears good news too.