hits from the 80's (party)

Oh, you lucky, lucky people.
Susie was good enough re-size and email me a slew of pictures. I'm going to have to send her a present.

Here - for your viewing pleasure, are some shots from a swell party...

80's outfits

On the left: an authentic Esprit dress
On the right: I don't even know - but it sure looked "authentic" and included some very high-waisted acid washed jeans.

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Wendy's penny loafers. With...wait for it...pennies from THE 80'S IN THEM.


THE finest collection of 80's jacket pins EVAH. Brought to you by my new friend S.


I remember this little fad too. It wasn't a very flattering look, though this gal worked it well.

members only

I'm sorry cute guy in the Member's Only jacket with the Sony Walkman and the digital watch and the terry headband, but I HAD to show ALL of you because you are A GOD OF THE 80'S.

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Some ladies were rockin the high pony tail with the cut up sweatshirt. It was cool.


It's important for your earrings to be bigger than your bracelets IN THE 80'S.

high ponies

Scrunchies anyone?

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Look! It's the very preppy Bermuda Bag of our Poppy! IN 1980.

sock thing

You know you did this. And you know who you are.


Have you seen Heathers? Believe it or not, this gal had not...so Jen gave her a copy to watch when she got home.

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Some called them o-rings, some called them jelly bracelets - either way, there were plenty of them.

Miami Vice

I was especially fond of MIAMI VICE guy, who trimmed his beard down for this look. (K points out that this guy has a pretty decent George Michael thing going on too.)


Just another fine example of flattering 80's fashion.


Brilliant work.

ms <span class=

Our hostess. True to herself always...

And, finally, here you go -

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Fletch and me.
He pegged his pants and spiked his hair.
I purchased a black pleather miniskirt from Hot Topic for $8.95 - and if the skirt wasn't funny enough (I HAD A BLACK PLEATHER MINISKIRT IN 1980)the tag that came with it was even funnier. It warned that the skirt contained lead and could harm my reproductive organs. I'm not kidding. I left it in place and it sparked more conversation than my incredibly heavy eyeliner - which took three days to remove completely.

You ought to be reading this with Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds playing in the background. It's been my earworm since I heard it on Friday night.

Thanks Jen,
I had a blast.


Carol said…
Did anyone sport the dorsal fin hairclip on the top of the head?

Thanks for sharing!
Wendy said…
You've hit every highlight of the night. I have to agree with K, I thought Don Johnson guy was George Michael. Didn't matter he was great.

My wv is "susiman". No doubt a tribute to our photographer.
Anonymous said…
Frankie says relax.
Poppy Buxom said…
Eurolush, there actually was somebody there wearing a Frankie t-shirt. I was too chicken to go up and ask whether it was an original or one of those ironic repros.
I was raising babies in the 80's. My authentic costume would have been a T-shirt with baby barf on it.

Are you planning to give the skirt to a young lady with a Hot Topic wardrobe?

Hey, I still wear my hair in a ponytail with a scrunchie!
Anonymous said…
Ugh, the 80s were the worst! And ugh, I was in high school at the time, so it was even more horrible. Egad, I had a perm AND an asymmetrical hair cut. Yikes!

jbhat (who now wants to torture herself by having an 80s party too now)
Anonymous said…
Ah, the 80's. I too have pictures of an asymmetrical cut, VERY short on one side and slightly longer on the other. I got it in Firenze and everybody RAVED when Ic am e back. The whole Amalfi coast got that same cut that year.
You all look very 80's!
Anonymous said…
I am tragically unclear about what was 80s fashion, since almost every one of your photos seemed to me to have been taken on the street LAST WEEK. Clearly, I have not been paying close enough attention to fashion trends. But that is unlikely to change.

btw, I was raising babies in the 1980s, too; maybe that explains my confusion. Nah, I'm just out of it :-)
Ali said…
Oh Lord - my fashion past comes back to haunt me. You were only missing the global hypercolour t-shirt.
Duyvken said…
That looks like fun. Scrunchies take me back.
Anonymous said…
Wow. Just... wow.
wendy said…
Hey wait a minute -I used to dress like that. By 1984 had my 5th kid. Fashion just isn't what it used to be (thank goodness) Love the "Deb" side pony tail.
Anonymous said…
A skirt that comes with a lead-based infertility warning! Now I've heard it all!
Mrs. G. said…
Are you suggesting that penny loafers are out of style?
Amy A. said…
FUN! Like totally!
Unknown said…
Members Only jacket Guy is my hero. Is he single? Maybe if I make it out to Chicago, Poppy can arrange for me to meet him. *Sigh*

wv: stedi
2nd wv: luckird
Too, too funny!
Anonymous said…
You're looking mighty tiny in that tiny-reproductive-damaging-skirt.

I don't miss the fashion, but there were some very catchy tunes from the 80's. Even reading the words "Don't You" is enough to have it on autoplay in my brain.
I'm glad you had fun.

KPB said…
So I had a dream about you last night. We were at the Oscars. You were presenting an award but went off script with a couple of jokes.

You faltered due to nerves, regained your composure and delivered them well.


You were wearing this outfit that featured neckrings of the ilk of that tribe in Africa (or is it South America) and I was thinking, oh BB, I think you did one too many rings.

Then we went to your work. And you showed me around and I was too loud and your boss came out and reprimanded me.

That was enough weirdness for one night.
Jennifer said…
That must have been SO much fun!
Anonymous said…
Oh the horror of 80's fashions! I can't believe people were able to unearth such treasures!
Susie Sunshine said…
What was amazing to me was how many people STILL HAD crap from the 80's to wear to this party.
(For the record, my high-waisted acid-washed pegged jeans come from Goodwill.)

The only styles that weren't there: Michael Jackson's one-glove, a Robert Palmer girl, Hammer and parachute pants, and a Swatch watch.
That is excellent. I should totally have an 80s party for my 41st birthday.